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Love List June 5, 2012

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I’m gonna keep it simple tonight.  Things I love right now:

Steaz Iced tea– Lime Pomegranate flavor.  So much that I just bought a case of 12 last night at Whole Foods!  How could I resist?  It was 10% off $10.99…for all you who refuse to do math, it is less than a dollar per can {I think I just refused math too}.  They usually cost over two dollars.  Its a steal and I couldn’t pass it up!

Pretty views of Chicago–  Dave and I were at a friend’s house this weekend and were privileged to enjoy this ridiculous view off of his balcony:

Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock– My name is Kelly, I’m so very…whoops!  I know it seems like kind of a conceded song, but when you need a boost of confidence this song works wonders.  You ever hear of the phrase ‘fake it til you make it’?  Well this is a good way to fake it.  Sing about being pretty.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my boot {I even wrote about it below in my list of things I like}, but while it makes me feel secure, it also makes me feel kinda clunky and I haven’t exercised in about 6 weeks!  I totally could have exercised my upper body, but I used this time as an excuse and didn’t exercise at all.  Hence the need for feeling good about myself.  By the way it’s shameful how much I love pop music.  I clearly have no shame.

Hot Chocolate– The restaurant, not the hot drink.  We went here for the first time this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong the hot chocolate I ordered was Ahmazing, but the place itself has a really good vibe that I fell in love with.  It’s all in {and always will be in} the details.  They had a terrarium in the bathroom!  And when you order cookies, they bring you to a little cookie station with antique plates {each one is different}.  Not to mention that marshmallow you see on the saucer is made in house.  I was sucked in from the beginning and loved every minute of it.

Hot chocolate in June

The Boot– Seems weird that I am praising the boot when just about 4 weeks ago I was cursing it.  However, the last foot doctor appointment I went to I was told I could walk with the thing and I have been extraordinarily happy ever since.  So happy that I am actually mobile and can carry things for myself.  I might be a little awkward, but sacrifices need to be made.  When you couldn’t walk for 5 weeks, wearing a boot is a small price to pay.  This Thursday is my next appointment and they might take the boot away from me.  Leave it to me to be scared to walk without it!

CSA Produce – Today was the first pick up for the CSA Karla and I signed up for {Grass is Greener Gardens}.  I was giddy all day because I read their blog post in the morning which listed each item we would be receiving.  Here is the haul for this week:

Fresh Produce from the Farm

Can’t wait to start experimenting with the stuff that I would never buy at the store.  Anyone have any suggestions for beets!?  Karla says she doesn’t care for them and hasn’t tried them in 15 years.  We need to make her try them again.  Again, any recipe suggestions out there?


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