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+1 Year June 19, 2012

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I heart my birthday.  I’m one of those people who go around for a whole week before mentioning it so that people will remember it on the actual day {kinda like right now}.  I think it’s awful to go through the whole day and no one even knows or acknowledges that this is the day you came into the world!  As I get older and older I notice people try to ignore their birthdays.  I used to work with a gentleman that would take the day off work every year, not because he didn’t want to work on his birthday, but because he didn’t want anyone to do anything for his birthday.  Too bad for him that in my line of work I know everyone’s birthday and would always wish him a happy day in advance.  I understand not wanting to add another year to your age, but think of the alterative!

This weekend is my birthday and I’m busy planning how to celebrate.  Dave always takes me to The Melting Pot {okay one year we went to Fondue Stube instead}.  This year we are finally going to the downtown location.  We’ve been to a lot of different locations, but never in the city so I’m pretty excited for that {for some reason I feel it will be more exciting?}.  Later on in the night we’ll meet up with my friends to have a cocktail {or two} at Scofflaw.  I’ve never been, but I’ve heard good things about their gin selection.  I’ll tell you how it turns out.

I’ve already gotten a few birthday cards in the mail…love it!  The longer my birthday lasts the better.  Dave is always teasing me, saying that I try to stretch out my birthday for as long as possible.  I guess he is right.  I mean the one day is nice, but how can you complain if people want to celebrate you a couple days before or after the real day?

Happy Birthday to me


One Response to “+1 Year”

  1. Borchardt Consulting Says:

    Kelly, you’re abosolutely correct. A birthday should last for longer than one day. In my family, your birthday officially lasts until the next person’s birthday. Chose your famiy wisely! Enjoy. Love you.

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