Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

Pure Michigan and Ravinia Weekend June 27, 2012

Who can resist Tim Allen in Michigan’s tourism advertising? It’s pretty darn hard not to succumb to the beaches of Lake Michigan, delicious wineries and the charms of small harbor towns. Can you tell I got my Michigan fix recently?

This past weekend I went up to St. Joseph to meet my best friend Jill. Friday night we grabbed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Clementine’s, and walked around downtown St. Joseph. We hit the beach for a beautiful sunset before two of our sorority sisters joined us. We stayed up way to late talking catching up with one another.

Michigan Sunset

Saturday morning greeted us with pancakes and fresh strawberries. Unfortunately our friends had to leave early and we parted ways. Jill and I packed lunches, sunscreen, towels and water bottles and headed to the beach. We caught up on some reading and sleep. Unfortunately too much sleep and forgot to reapply sunscreen…So to make up for our mistake we decided to go drink.

There are so many different wineries in Michigan and especially around the south-western corner of the state. We only had three hours so we limited ourselves to four stops: Lemon Creek (excellent spumante), Tabor Hill (it’s got to be good if the White House serves their wine), Gravity (the new kid on the block with fun pairings with cheese and chocolate) and Round Barn (brewery, distillery and winery, yeah, plan to stay a few hours). I’m happy to say that my wine stock is now at an appropriate level.

Wine samples

Sunday morning we got up, make breakfast, cleaned, and went our separate ways because I had a concert to attend at Ravinia. A few hours after arriving in Chicago, Matt picked me up to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. We were meeting his family there and ended up arriving first.  Immediately we found an excellent spot directly behind in the stage and near a tree. We set up camp and waited for the rest of his family to join us.

The weather was absolutely perfect and so was the menu! Appetizers included veggies and dip, a meat and cheese platter and chili con queso dip with chips. Matt made a fabulous chicken salad and Bethany did a delectable job with chocolate chip cookies. We sipped our Summer Shandy’s and wine while playing Uno and Catchphrase before the concert started.

Ravinia fun

Once the music began, our focus was on Steve. The concert was the perfect blend of comedy and blue grass music. There were jokes flying between and during songs that left everyone laughing out loud while taping their toes. I would totally love to see Steve again with the Steep Canyon Rangers. In fact, I think I might be purchasing a few albums in the near future on iTunes.

All in all, one great weekend. Next weekend has some pretty high standards. But it does have one thing going for it, a Sunday Cubs game!


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