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Getting Ready for Vacation July 25, 2012

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The anticipation of a vacation is the worst. In all honesty, I guess it’s really not that bad, but Matt and I are getting ready to visit my parents in Northern Wisconsin and it amazes me how much there is to do to prepare for a vacation. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the process? Or amazed by the process itself? I thought it would be interesting to share my method on getting ready for a vacation. So here goes!

  1. Work: One has to make sure everything is squared away at work. Personally, I like to clean my desk  and do a quick organization of files and any stray papers which usually take up residence in a few corners. Then there is finishing up projects, or at least making sure you feel ok to walk away from them. Don’t forget to schedule meetings with co-workers to review what projects you’re working on to make sure everyone is in the loop. And remember to drag stuff from your documents folder to the shared drive. Oh, and the out of office responder for Outlook so folks know when they can re-send that email again.. I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking about what I still have to do and that’s just at work!
  2. Home: I’m a little behind in laundry, so that will be step one. Step two, packing clothes, shoes, camping supplies, books and magazines and other random oddities that I cannot live without – phone charger, travel coffee mug and during this time of year, sunscreen. Again, being a bit of neat-nick, I might try to clean up my bedroom and the rest of the apartment. An added twist this year is I have to stop at my parents’ house to bring up a few items they couldn’t fit in either of their cars. Plus Matt and I want to try testing out a new roof rack I got for Derek (my Ford Escape) to help haul a kayak. One more item on the to-do list.
  3. The Vacation itself: Turned into a Google document. Matt and I have created and shared a document that we both having been updating with restaurants we want to try, places we want to go, things we want to do and our camping information. We divided and conquered making reservations, which was very helpful. It’s been fun to develop and I can open it and get excited about what we’re going to do. One example, camping on Madeline Island, kayaking and going to Leinie Lodge. Ok, sorry that was three but I felt compelled to make you jealous.

Everything usually comes together in the end for me (besides the occasional forgetting to pack a random item). Do you have any recommendations for not forgetting important things? Or what about staying organized and on top of getting ready for a vacation? I’m looking for some suggestions folks!


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