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Neon Love August 1, 2012

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I think I’ve contracted a Summer cold.  That’s my name for it.  I don’t really know what it is.  All I know is it started with a nasty sore throat, graduated to a constant running nose, and now has settled into my chest leaving me with a pretty sexy voice.  That was all in a span of only three days.  Can’t wait to see what I feel like tomorrow…hopefully better!


My new love {without even realizing} it is Neon.  Today I looked around and noted that a lot of my newest accessories are neon.  Who knew I would be into this throw back to the 80s trend?  Check it out:

First Neon Purchase

I bought these after my bunion surgery when I needed ‘supportive’ shoes.  I almost didn’t buy them because the laces were so intense.  I even went out and bought white laces in case I decided I couldn’t pull off the neon pink.  I don’t even know where those white laces are now!  Everyone compliments the pink and turns out I love them.

Target Insulated Cup

I saw my friend Lei with this cup and had to know where it was from.  She told me Target and originally I went in there thinking I would see what other colors were available.  And even though I walked to the register with the turquoise one, I marched back and snagged this neon green one instead.  Sorry I’m a copy cat Lei!

Gap Socks

Then last week I was at the GAP trying to shop for my sister and miraculously ended up buying things for myself instead.  To be fair I tried shopping for her, but they didn’t have the specific jeans she wanted and then I saw a lovely pair of dress pants on sale and had to try them on.  Once I decided to buy them I was at the counter and saw these socks {that happen to be neon} on sale and I couldn’t pass them by.  I mean the middle ones practically match my new gym shoes up above!

Tri-Neon Dress

After the GAP on the same night I was trying to leave the mall and got caught up at the sale rack of dresses in Von Maur.  By the way a lot of people ask what Von Maur is whenever I mention it.  I guess it doesn’t exist in many malls, but its a department store.  Although its usually on the pricey side, I’ve found they do have good sales.  This dress originally $50, but I got it for only $24!  I love it and as a side note it looks better on rather than on the hanger.


I also received a pair of neon yellow stone earrings for my birthday, but I really couldn’t get a good picture of them.  I am so sad because I LOVE these earrings.  I seriously cannot wear them enough.  That’s a lot of neon things for someone who didn’t realize they liked neon.  I guess sometimes things work their way into your heart without you noticing!



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