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Camping in the Apostle Islands August 8, 2012

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Sorry I missed my post last week. In my defense, I was in northern Wisconsin with no internet access. Now back in civilization I can tell you a little about my wonderful vacation. Matt and I went to visit my parents in the northwoods last Sunday. They left in June, so it was great to be reunited with them and enjoy my mom’s cooking, my dad’s laugh, and of course our lovely view of the lake.

While we were in the northwoods, we decided to take advantage of our location and go even further north to camp in Apostle Islands. We left on Wednesday morning, enjoying the ride. Matt actually drove up in my car due to a slight wrist injury that occurred while mounting our sea kayak on Derek (my Ford Escape). Plus I don’t think he or my dad trusted me to drive with a tandem kayak on the top of my car and go the speed limit.

We stopped for a bite to eat and a flight of beer at South Shore Brewery in Ashland, Wisconsin. Matt had a delectable black bean burger with sweet potato fries and I enjoyed a Reuben with barbeque waffle fries. The food and beer was very tasty. With our bellies full we continued on for another 30 minutes until we arrived at Bayfield. We boarded the Madeline Ferry with Derek and enjoyed a short 20 minute cruise to Madeline Island.

Madeline Island is the largest of the twenty-one Apostle Islands and the only island with private residences. The normal population on the island is about 450 but during the summer months is known to swell over 1,500! Once back on dry land we went to the local watering hole – Tom’s Burned Down Cafe. Yes, Tom’s actually burned down in 1992 and decided not to rebuild but leave everything as it was and just add planks. It was kind of like Jimmy Buffett meets a trailer park. The ambience was great, drinks were cheap and people were very friendly.

Next we headed to our campsite at Big Bay State Park. We had a perfect half-shaded spot with beautiful pine trees. Our REI half dome plus tent went up in no-time, so we decided to explore around the camp ground. We found a gorgeous bay and went swimming in the crisp 67-degree water of Lake Superior. The water was clear as glass. We played Frisbee and took a walk around the bay before heading back to camp. For dinner Matt made some delicious brats from a local meat market by my parents. Can you guess what we had for dessert??? S’mores!

In the morning we decided to take the kayak out to the public launch on the island back in “downtown”. Enjoying calm waters, we did an easy 2 mile paddle along the southwestern side of the island. After our morning exercise we went back and packed up camp. We then went into town to grab coffee, a scone and muffin from a local bakery to enjoy on the ferry ride back to the mainland.

Matt and I both decided that we wanted to go back and definitely for a longer time. There is a lot to do on the island and more places to explore on foot and on water! Time to start planning next summer’s vacation…but until then enjoy a few photos below!


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