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Wedding Planning Begins August 15, 2012

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I did fail to mention one item in last week’s blog post about our camping adventures. Matt proposed on the dock of our lake in northern Wisconsin exactly two weeks and one day ago today. We’re both thrilled and excited for what the future will bring. Right now, we’re enjoying the moment and cherishing all of the kindness we’ve received over the announcement of our engagement from our families and friends. We are truly blessed to have amazing people in our lives.

Here’s a picture of the ring too. He did so well!!!

The ring!

Naturally, I want to keep the Uncharted readers up to speed about this whole wedding process. I’m looking forward to sharing tips and lessons learned as we plan. So what have I been up to in two weeks? Do I have a date set? We have been up to a few things, but no, no date set yet – just a season – fall. Here is a rundown of what we’ve accomplished so far.

  1. Gather Resources – My best friend Jill sent me her amazing wedding spreadsheet. I then uploaded it to Google Docs so Matt and I have a centralized location to modify the document as we go. My soon to be little sister in-law gave me wedding magazines and a wedding planner to help guide us in the process. Last but not least Pinterest. Hola meca of visual representations of everything from color schemes, centerpieces, favors to cakes and more! It’s an amazing resource to gather ideas for item number 2!
  2. Build a planning committee – Technically, this could be a subcategory of “gather resources”. To help me work through things, I appreciate having a sounding board. So I asked a few of my close friends to help me talk through the festivities. I trust that they’ll tell me “no” that is not a good idea and/or “yes” that is a good idea. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!
  3. Establish a Budget – We set our budget last week. Now we just have to research what different items cost and stay under budget. I do love a challenge and hunting for bargains, so this should be fun and interesting!
  4. Hire a photographer – Matt and I are extremely fortunate to have a very talented friend who is a professional photographer. We were able to book an engagement shoot right away and check her schedule for tentative dates in fall of 2013. When you have the chance check out Tasha’s work at Redwall Photography. We’re thrilled to work with her!

That’s the update for now. Check back for more wedding details!


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