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August Project: Earring Organization August 21, 2012

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Denise’s lovely earring organizer

I pinned it for a possible project in the future, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  Probably because it doesn’t just look nice, but would be very helpful to me and my current random pile of earrings:

Pile of earring circled in red

If you want to know how my day started just take a look at my ears.   If I had a good morning I’ll have on a pair of earrings that go with my outfit.  If my morning was rough I’ll have bare ears.  It is an extra good day if I also have on matching accessories.  It’s unfortunate, but when I’m in a rush these are the things that come last.  With my earrings organized I’ll be able to wear earrings even on a rushed morning!  Haha, well even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you it is clearly one to me because I just finished making my very own earring organizer!  The thing I liked most about this project was I was able to use only items in my house.  I did not have to go out and purchase ANYTHING!  Amazing.

Items you’ll need:

  • Shallow box to fit the space you have available
  • Styrofoam- perhaps you have an old box with packing still in it?
  • Fabric- any type is workable though I’d stay away from slinky or silky because it will shift easily
  • Knife- only if you need to cut the Styrofoam
  • Scissors- for the fabric
  • Tape or your preferred method of adhesive

The blog I originally got this idea from (click on the 1st picture to be connected) is in another language (I think Dutch with a French name?) so I pretty much just came up with my own way to create it with some help from Denise’s pictures.

Step 1- Cut the Styrofoam you have to fit inside the box you have chosen. I made sure to use a sawing motion and kept it pointed away from me at all times! Be Careful and maybe have a vacuum handy?

Step 2- Once I had the correct size of foam to place in my box I picked out an old shirt and started snipping! Basically it just needs to be a big enough piece of fabric to wrap around the foam.

Step 3- Wrap the fabric around your foam and tape it up just like you would a present. I almost used a hot glue gun instead, but realized it might melt the foam and this way I can always switch out the fabric if I want another color.

Step 4- Place the fabric wrapped foam in the box and start sorting through all your earrings to pair all your studs together.

Ta Da! Here is my finished product placed snug inside my jewelry drawer.

I tried my best to organize my earrings my category: colored stones, sparkly, metals and pearls, and randoms.  I am so excited for getting ready in the morning!  Now I can actually see what earrings I have available.  There is only one problem!  The box looks sad and unfinished.  I need to fill in the rest of that box!






5 Responses to “August Project: Earring Organization”

  1. Wow! That’s so helpful! What did you do with the backs? Just put them in one of the compartments next to it?

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  4. […]  The only issue is now that I have a way to display necklaces, and I’ve already created an earring organizer, it has become clear to me that I need a way to display bracelets.  I’ll add it to the list […]

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