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Tapas and Cupcakes August 22, 2012

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Last Friday a few of Matt’s friends visited for a birthday/engagement dual celebration. Major props to the guys because they mostly planned it minus one twist for dessert (I couldn’t help myself). The festivities began at the Beacon, a local bar in Forest Park. Unfortunately I missed out on the first round due to basketball practice – yep that started again too!

After a quick shower and a change, I met up with the group to head downtown. The weather was perfect for a night out on the town. Next stop was Cafe Iberico, a Spanish tapas restaurant. We ordered a tasty pitcher of red sangria and a few small hot and cold plates. My favorites were the cold red potato with garlic mayonnaise, the spicy potatoes in a tomato sauce and the steamed mussels with marinara sauce. But we didn’t stop there. We also ordered a paella. A paella is a classic dish served in Spain. The contents may vary but typically it’s a baked dish with saffron rice, seafood, peas and other meats like chicken or pork. Our paella was delicious, so delicious that dish was practically licked clean. We did exercise civility though since we were out in a very public location.

Filled with an excellent dinner, we took a walk to “earn” our dessert. Insert my opportunity to steer us to one of my favorite places for sweets downtown – More. Just a half mile walk from Cafe Iberico is More, a fabulous place for cupcakes. Upon walking in Matt and I both zeroed in on the “white Russian”. Our friends picked up the classic red velvet and a cookies and cream. I think this was the first time where I had to make sure Matt equally shared a dessert. And Matt still might be talking about the white Russian…at least that means I might have a return trip to More in the near future!

With our bellies officially now full, it was a good thing we had to walk back to the Green line. I’ve decided tapas and cupcakes definitely make a good mix especially when you have great company! Next time you are in the city and looking for a reasonably priced tapas restaurant check out Cafe Iberico. Plus, I can never give too many plugs to More cupcakes on the off chance that one day they’ll read my blog and decide to give me a cupcake a week for the rest of my life. Here’s to dreaming!


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