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Photo Strip Frame August 28, 2012

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Guess what?! You’re probably not going to guess it so I’ll just tell you.  This is my 100th post!!!  Every week I save my post to my computer and name it one number more than the last week.  This week is finally the big 1-0-0!  I remember when I was in kindergarten we had 100 Day.  There was a big feast in our school gymnasium and we all brought one hundred of something.  It was so hard to count 100 things.   Wish I knew back then how easy things were.

I did a little project-ing this weekend.  I decided I needed to clean off my dresser so it would match the neatness of my newly organized jewelry drawer along with the lovely earring organizer I made last week.  I noticed that I had quite a few photo strips tucked into my mirror for display.  A bunch of weddings Dave and I have attended have had a photo booth and we have had a ton of fun taking photos with silly faces and the fun props available.  The issue is I have no official place to display these.  They are not  traditional sized pictures so you really can’t put them in any old frame.

I ventured into my office and found an old frame that is meant to fit two 4×6 photos.  I took the old pictures out and realized there was a wooden bar separating the frame into two spots.  If that bar wasn’t there I knew I could fit the photo strips.  I searched our pantry which is the most logical place for tools and grabbed the tool box my dad gave me for Christmas the first year I moved out.  I wasn’t sure what would work best so I tried a few things.

First I tried the razor blade knife thingy.  I tried sawing the middle bar of wood out.  The knife wasn’t really sturdy enough for that.  Next I tried the wrench.  I clamped it near the main frame on the middle bar of wood and twisted.  This was a way better idea and ended up doing the trick!

There were a few staples in there so I used a needle nose pliers to pull those out.  After I removed the wooden bar it left some unpainted pieces of wood…

So I painted them with black paint to match my frame.

Once all was dry I choose a fun background paper {I feel glitter paper is the most fun you can have with paper} and cut it to fit inside the frame.  I then grabbed two of my favorite photo strips, used my paper cutter to separate them and used glue dots  to adhere them to the paper.

Lastly, but not leastly, I cleaned the photo frame’s glass and placed my photo strips inside for display.

I love that I can finally display these cute photos!


5 Responses to “Photo Strip Frame”

  1. ping pang ;) Says:

    Adorable weekend project & that is such a fantastic lamp:)

  2. Katie Rose Says:

    any plans to make more with the rest of your photo strips?

    • Uncharted Says:

      I was thinking more along the lines of rotating the photo strips. Since I used glue dots, I think the photos would easily lift up so I could change them out when I need a change.

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