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Swinging into Fall! September 11, 2012

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I need your help.  I have a new project started, but it’s a bit daunting to me so I am going to tell you about it in hopes that I will have to complete it if I tell people about it.  Way back in March I was in JoAnn Fabrics with Karla and found  a fabric I just fell in love with {buttery yellow houndstooth!}.  I had no idea what I would do with it, but as I told the women who was cutting my fabric this she pointed out that the patterns were on super sale.  I have never sewn a piece of clothing in my life.  Did I let this stop me?

Nope!  I decided to try and make a swing jacket out of my lovely fabric (the jacket is pictured above in white}.  My sister and I were babysitting our goddaughter this weekend.  I decided to bring along the fabric and pattern and see if she could help me get started with the thing.  My first reaction after opening the pattern and attempting to read the instructions was:

‘I give up!’

All the contents and foreign sewing language was overwhelming me!  Kate suggested I start off by cutting out the different pieces.  So that is what I did first.  This calmed me down because I felt confident that I could cut out some shapes.  I did have to figure out what size to make the jacket, but once I made a decision on that I just followed the corresponding dotted line and cut my little heart out!

Here is my patterns all cut out!

Once all the patterns were cut I set aside the fabric and patterns and took a breather.  I thought I was done for the evening.  I put it all away and Kate and I watched some TV.  After awhile she fell asleep and I resolved to get a little more work done on this project.  I took everything out again and went onto the next step: cutting the fabric using the patterns.  I followed the instructions and folded my fabric in half.  Then I following the little picture they provided, I was able to layout the patterns on the fabric so everything fit like a puzzle!

Next, I grabbed my sister’s cutting mat and rotary cutter and set to work!

Just a little side note on the rotary cutter…this thing was amazing!  I thought it would be hard work to cut though the fabric using this thing.  I was wrong!  I only had to apply a little pressure and make sure the cutting mat was under the fabric and it cut very easily.  I actually had to slow myself down so I could follow the patterns.

Phew, that was enough work for one night!

I felt pretty accomplished at this point so that was as far as I got.  Now that I’ve shared this project start up with all of you, I am going to have to get moving on it so I can be sure to update you all on my progress.  Wish me Luck!  Oh and does anyone know what the heck to ‘Baste’ is?


3 Responses to “Swinging into Fall!”

  1. ping pang ;) Says:

    I’m so excited to see your newest creation. New projects are daunting (especially sewing) but you’ll feel so accomplished when it’s complete!! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. willowwears Says:

    Good luck, I’m sure you will do a wonderful job. Basting generally is a long stitch that holds fabric in place, it can be done on your machine or by hand before sewing the garment 🙂

  3. Uncharted Says:

    Thank you both for the well wishes {I think I’m going to need them}!

    Ping pang- Glad I could inspire. That gives me drive to follow through on the project!

    Willowwears- Thanks for the sewing tip. I’m definitely going to need Google handy when I’m following these instructions!

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