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Foot Update September 18, 2012

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Tomorrow will be five months since I had my bunion surgery.  Despite my silence on the topic recently I’ve actually been working very hard on my foot.  In July my doctor finally gave me clearance to start physical therapy (which I’ll refer to as PT from now on).  I didn’t set anything up until August.  Work was busy, what can I say?  If I’m being truthful with you {and myself} I need to tell you I was scared and procrastinating.  What if the PT doesn’t work?  What if it hurts?  Will I ever be able to walk normally again!?  These are just a few of the excuses I gave myself.

It wasn’t until Dave gave me a Tony Robbins CD set {The Power to Shape Your Destiny} to listen to on my long commutes that I finally woke up and realized what I needed to do.  It seems strange.  I think it’s safe to say I’m a pretty intelligent person, at the very least I have a good amount of common sense.  Then why is it that I needed to listen to this motivational guy to finally get going and do what I knew I had to do all along?  I don’t exactly know, but what I do know is I am thrilled that I finally set up the PT.  So far I’ve had 6 appointments and I also do assigned exercises twice a day.  Already there are vast differences:

  • My little toes aren’t in excruciating pain all the time.  In fact instead of pain, I only feel tension when I try to curl my toes.
  • I can balance for longer than 2 seconds on the surgery foot {balance comes in handy a lot, which I didn’t realize until after my surgery}
  • I no longer take my walking boot with me everywhere ‘in case I need it’
  • I can wear shoes that are not gym shoes {at least for a couple hours at a time} without a lot of swelling
  • Speaking of swelling, my foot doesn’t look like a balloon at the end of each day
  • I don’t use the visitor space at work, kill myself to find the closest parking spot when I’m out, or ask to be dropped off at the door anymore

Maybe I realized I needed to stop feeling scared and bad for myself and start taking control of this situation.  I was the one who decided to do the surgery so now I will be the one doing the work to get myself back to better than normal!  It’s funny what a little attitude adjustment did for me.  Maybe I can use that in other parts of my life?

Okay I have a few pictures I’m going to show you.  Bear in mind you shouldn’t look if feet gross you out.  I still have work to do so these are not the final photos, but you can at least see where I started and where I am today:

Day of Surgery

Some Bandages Still On

Getting There!


4 Responses to “Foot Update”

  1. Kelly, I’m so glad that you’re finally getting PT. When I had my first surgery, I asked myself if I was too young to NOT have full mobility. With work and PT, you’ll get full mobility and pain free. The first year is critical. It’s so worth the time you put in. Your feet will keep you moving your whole life. Then after the memory fades, have your other foot done. It won’t be nearly as big a deal and you’ll know what to expect.

  2. Hey Kelly! It’s great to hear that you were so motivated by The Power to Shape Your Destiny! It can seem a little silly sometimes to have what you already know mentally told to you, but sometimes that’s what it takes for it to sink in on a deeper level. 🙂 It sounds like you’re making great progress with your PT, and here’s to getting back on your feet at full speed.

  3. byebyebunion Says:

    I’m 3 weeks post surgery! Looks like you’re recovery is looking great! I’m still in my splint cast and on crutches I get so frustrated! Can’t wait to be off the crutches! I have a blog as well check it out! byebyebunion.wordpress.com 🙂

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