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Greenbush Brewery September 19, 2012

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Whenever Matt and I go on vacations we usually end up at a brewery. Sometimes it’s at the beginning of a trip, like when we went to New Glarus on our way up to visit my parents. Other times it’s in the middle of a trip, like when we went to South Shore Brewery in northern Wisconsin. And then there are just day trips where we’ll go to Goose Island, Two Brothers, Revolution or Haymarket. Hey, sometimes you just need a beer. Well, to be more specific, a craft beer that tastes amazing. Oh, and at the last four places I mentioned, the food is also equally spectacular.

My dear friend Lei recently raved about a brewery called Greenbush in Sawyer, Michigan. Confirmed by a few other close hop-head friends, Greenbush was one that apparently we needed to check out. Greenbush is conveniently situated on exit 12 in Michigan right off of 94. The brewery has the similar mantra of many craft breweries, seeking to create unique beer not available on the mass market. Greenbush had peaked our interest and just our luck we had a trip to Michigan quickly approaching.

This past weekend Matt and I took a getaway weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan. On our way up, can you guess where we stopped? Greenbush’s tap room is in a unique building in hometown Americana “downtown” Sawyer. If you blink you might miss downtown, but hopefully if you are keeping your eye out for the word brewery you’ll find it. The building shares an interesting past history. Previous tenants include auto shop, laundromat, and plumbing shop. And if that’s not enough, a train derailed and plowed into it once as well.

But we can get back to the beer. Here’s the rundown of what we sampled:

  • Dunegras – IPA
  • Distorter – a stout/porter
  • Anger – black IPA
  • Momento Mori – Octoberfest
  • Sunspot – hefewiezen
  • Unicorn Killer – pumpkin ale
  • Brother Benjamin – imperial IPA

Our beer sampler

My personal favorites included the Unicorn Killer, Sunspot and Momento Mori. The Unicorn Killer was by far one of the most delicious pumpkin beers I’ve had. Even compared to Punkin’ by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and Pumpking by the Southern Tier Brewing Company. It’s like drinking liquid pumpkin pie, it’s wonderful and probably half the calories!

Accompanying our beers we ordered homemade kettle chips with a homemade bacon and blue-cheese dip paired with dates stuffed with feta featuring a balsamic glaze. We pretty much licked both plates clean. There are definitely a few other items I wouldn’t mind trying when we go back like the pulled pork sandwich.

Lei totally did a great job recommending Greenbush. The beer and food are both tasty. The location and building are unique and unexpected. The staff is friendly and will walk you through anything, from how to create a flight to helping you create your own six pack. All I can say is I’m going to Michigan in three weeks and I might have to make my own beer order, plus Matt’s!


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