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Apple of my Eye September 25, 2012

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My Favorite season is back!  Here are a couple little things that I’ve been loving so far:

*        I’m freezing my booty off in the morning when I get ready, but I’ll take it compared to the crazy heat this summer

*        The air is clearer {no humidity} and it smells better too

*        Da Bears are playing

*        Everything is cozy and layers are back in style

*        The fall coat is in use again

*        My Nana gave me my first taffy apple of the season and I thoroughly enjoyed it

Speaking of apples, they are a clear sign to me that fall is here.  There were apples in our CSA box this week so naturally hopped on Pinterest trying to find the best apple recipe there ever was.  I was specifically trying to find unique recipes.  Not just the traditional apple pie.  Here are a few gems I found:

Apple Sandwich Found on Whole Foods website

Crock-Pot-Caramel-Apple from Food Family Finds website

Baked Apple Pie Eggrolls by Spoon Fork Bacon

Literal Apple Pie from Domestic Dilettante

Please click on the pictures above to view the step by step directions to create each.  I’m going to need to wait until I go apple picking because the 4 we received from the CSA{oops make that 3, I already ate one!} probably won’t be enough for all these awesome recipes.  I purposely picked some recipes that are on the simplier side.  The apple sandwiches and the crock pot recipe seem like things I could definitely make.  The egg rolls seem a bit more intimidating, but also the most unique.  Lastly the apple pie inside apples looks so fun, but I am a bit afraid of the crust portion.  Whatever happens I’ll make sure to post on here if I am brave enough to make any of these.  Oh one more thing.  Based on these recipes I decided I need one of these.  I think it’d make these recipes a lot easier!

Apple Corer-Peeler-Slicer



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