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Volunteering Made Easy October 2, 2012

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My friend Andrea recommended the book MWF Seeking BFF {pictured to the left} back in the Spring.

I finally bought it for my Kindle in June and finished the book in no time at all.  I loved it and actually wished it was longer so I could keep reading!  The basic story is that a girl moves to Chicago with her husband and although she is happy with him and their relationship, she is unhappy that she doesn’t have any close girlfriends in town.  She knows some people in town and has friends, but no one  she could call at a moment’s notice.  She proceeds to set a goal to go on one friend date per week for a whole year.  The story gets really good because her story shares all the different ways she went about meeting 52 girls to go on dates with!  Perhaps I was a little more engrossed by her story because it takes place in Chicago and I live here too.  I found myself taking lots of notes on different organizations and places she was involved with.  One of the ones that stood out a lot for me was One Brick. About them straight from their website:

Our ‘commitment-free volunteering’ allows you to choose when you volunteer, rather than having to make commitments for a certain number of volunteer hours, or agree to be available every week at a specific time.

There are thirteen different cities/chapters of One Brick.  When you go to their website you can look at the calendar for your city and choose events to attend.  All it takes is clicking the RSVP button.  Right away I knew I wanted to volunteer using One Brick.  One of the biggest hurdles in my aspiration of volunteering once a month is the fact that most organizations require training, money, or a long commitment.  By using One Brick I can choose something different each month and still do some good.  I emailed Andrea since she also read the book and I thought she’d be game to try one of these events with me.  It was funny I was a little nervous she would think I was crazy.  Turns out she was excited to try the site too and we quickly narrowed down a date and event that worked for both of us…

This past Saturday we made our way to the Montrose Avenue Beach Dunes north of downtown and worked with Chicago Wilderness:

Lots of People to Work With

Lots of Fun Tools to Work With

First off, neither Andrea nor I knew that this pretty area existed in Chicago.  There was such a stark difference between the nature we were in and the skyline in the background.  Not only did we get to help out, but we got to learn a lot to.  We removed Poplar plants from the grassy areas- these would grow into full grown trees if you leave them there.  Nothing wrong with the trees other than if you let them, they will take over!  There were some full grown ones which have been allowed to grow.  We planted some pines:

Planted Jack pines that were 2 years old
Named this Tree Doug!

And some Brand New Jack Pines! Look at how little they are!

Then we planted a lot more fragile plants.  One guy went around making perfect holes with a nifty little tool and then we followed behind with different dune loving plants to create a kind of prairie.  We were very tired and hot by the end of the day, but were so happy to help make sure this place stays beautiful!


2 Responses to “Volunteering Made Easy”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one benefiting from the different organizations mentioned in Rachel Bertsche’s book! One Brick looks really cool…I’ll have to see if they’re in my area. After reading MWF Seeking BFF, I tried out MeetUp.com and I found a book club. I actually JUST blogged about it…how ironic! 😀

    • Uncharted Says:

      Rachel, I have to check out your post. I loved that book so much. People don’t really talk about how hard it is to make friends once you’re out of school!

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