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Spring Rolls! October 9, 2012

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I grew up on meat and potato dinners.  As I have grown older I have branched out quite a bit and one of my favorite types of food is Thai food.  I’m not into anything that is too spicy though.  My favorite thing is spring rolls.  I just love how fresh and light they are.  Oh and I adore peanut sauce.

I was out at the store and saw ‘Spring Rolls Skin.’  I don’t care for that name, I prefer Clear Wrapper or Spring Roll Pastry.  I decided I would try to make my own spring rolls.  Tonight I looked up a few recipes, but actually decided I didn’t need one to make these.  It’s really more about what kind of filling you prefer.  I knew I wanted shrimp in there so it would be substantial enough for me to eat for dinner.  Then I chose shredded carrots, cabbage, and pea shoots for the rest of the filling.

All the materials for my Spring Rolls

I was a little nervous about how to work with the wraps so I Googled and saw it was as easy as placing them in water before you work with them!  Take a look:

Place the disc into a bowl of warm water

After a minute the disc will look like plastic floating in the water…that’s how you know it’s ready to work with!

I laid out the wrapper on a plate and placed shrimp in the middle

I placed all the veggies on top of the shrimp

Next I wrapped up all the filling as tight as I could without ripping the wrapper


I was too hungry to make my own sauce, but this Peanut sauce from Trader Joes was pretty good!



2 Responses to “Spring Rolls!”

  1. These are my favourite healthy snack to make. I love taking them to uni with me!

  2. jenndnle Says:

    great post. I love spring rolls!

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