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Biffing it at the Roller Rink October 10, 2012

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This week’s post is going to be a little short. Why? This is why:

Looking good in the ER

Yep that’s my left arm nicely wrapped in a few ace bandages and rolls of cotton. I would like to say it’s part of my Halloween costume, but unfortunately it isn’t. The wrapped arm is the result of my first time roller-skating. Fall number four of the night resulted in the trip to the ER at 1:30 AM. Luckily I was with my best friend Jill who kept me entertained and awake. Added bonus for the night – the hospital administrators put us in the kiddy room.

So this all happened Saturday night, technically really early Sunday morning; Monday I was able to see my regular doctor who was able to get me a referral and then an appointment to a specialist on Wednesday (today).  The orthopedic confirmed what the ER had initially told me, that I had a fractured elbow. The new news was that I also tore a tendon. Fortunately, as of now, I don’t need surgery or a hard cast. Wooohooo! Just six week of recovery time with physical therapy. Kelly and I were joking that we can do our PT together now as our new form of roommate bonding.

Needless to say I definitely won’t be roller-skating during next year until after the wedding unless I am in a padded sumo-wrestler suit.  I’ll keep you posted with the progress!


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