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Elbow/Firepit Update October 17, 2012

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Elbow update: Received a confirmation today from the orthopedic surgeon that I do not need surgery or a hard cast. I’m happily lightly bandaged up in a removable splint. Even better news is I can start physical therapy this week. I’m still limited on range of motion so, once again, apologies for the short post.

Main event: Matt finally finished the firepit last weekend while I was busy fracturing my elbow. Technically Matt christened it that weekend with one of his best friends. But this past weekend I was present to christen it for my birthday.

A few of our friends stopped by for a craft beer and s’more night. The weather was perfect. Just cool enough to cozy up by the fire. Our selection of beer was quite impressive with a variety of Oktoberfests, pumpkin ales and a few hoppy beers. And how can I forget about the s’mores. Your choice of chocolate (Hershey’s or Nutella) and your choice of marshmallows (regular or jumbo size).

Despite being limited to my range of motion, the night turned out great. Good thing I wrote that post a few weeks ago about how to throw a successful campfire :).

Here’s a picture of the finalized pit.

The end result of the firepit!


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