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Participate October 17, 2012

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Tonight is gonna be quick.  It is a crazy week at work.  I’m actually really excited though because I just finished making a poster of baby pictures for a contest we’re having.  {I have all the pictures arranged and numbered and then we’ll see who guesses the most correct.}  I have 16 pictures which is a good amount, BUT we have 150 people in our facility so I was a bit disappointed at the turn out.  It’s hard to find things that people will participate in.  People say they want events, but I find it is the same people over and over that participate and the same people who do not.  I guess I need to come to terms with that.  Such is life!


Speaking of participation and without getting too political {my dad always taught me politics are a private matter}, I am excited about the buzz surrounding this election.  I feel like more people than usual are interested and involved.  After the debate tonight I was checking out people’s reactions on Facebook.  A group was started called, ‘Binders Full of Women’ {this is referring to the comment Romney made during the debate tonight when he was speaking of his views on women’s equality in the workforce}.  When I first saw the group it had around 80,000 likes.  I was talking to Dave on the phone and we watched as the likes grew faster and faster as time went on.  As of right now {about midnight} there are 186,104 likes.  Over one hundred thousand people have seen this page and ‘liked it’ in a matter of 3 hours!  It amazes me and it’s the type of thing that highlights how different politics {and the world} are today compared to just a few years ago.


If you take anything away from this rambling of a post, please head to the polls on November 6th and vote for our president!


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