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Lack of Elbow Function October 24, 2012

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The human body is truly amazing. Daily we take advantage of everything it can do until we can’t do it anymore. In the last few weeks dealing with a fractured elbow I have definitely learned this to be true. Here is my top ten list of things that I miss being able to do.

  1. Sleeping. Having a semi-hard splint strapped from the bottom of your pinky finger to three inches below your armpit sucks. The worst part is trying to get comfortable. Plus it’s not exactly how I like to cuddle.
  2. Driving. Did you know it’s illegal to drive with a splint? This is the second longest span of time since I received my driver’s license that I can’t drive! Fun fact: the first was when I studied abroad in Cambridge, England.
  3. Doing my hair. I can’t even do a simple ponytail! Blow-drying is finally getting easier and I might even try straightening this week – I’m trying not to get to crazy.
  4. Brushing teeth. You would think this would be easy. But the hardest thing is holding your toothbrush while you try to squeeze the toothpaste tube.
  5. Blowing my nose. I usually use two hands for complete control. Just having one feels awkward!
  6. Getting up from a seated position. Maybe I’m getting old but I usually use two hands when I push off from sitting on the couch. Now I have to just use my legs, which does have the benefit of strengthening my lower body.
  7. Reaching. I never knew how much I used my non-dominant hand to grab stuff. I still think I can reach a glass of water, oh, wait, no I can’t. My elbow does not extend.
  8. Washing dishes. Since Kelly and I don’t have a dishwasher, we are the dishwasher and dryer at times. It is Pretty much a disaster if I attempt to do dishes unless, I was at a Greek wedding…Opa!
  9. Putting on earrings. Yeah, that’s just impossible unless they’re hoops. Unfortunately, I’m a studs gal.
  10. Getting dressed. By far the most difficult is starting zippers and buttoning. Too bad I just can’t wear a t-shirt and basketball shorts to work.

Only four more weeks of the split…hopefully. Wish me luck at physical therapy this week!


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