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Family Hangout Time October 31, 2012

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This past weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. The festivities began Friday night when my dad, Matt and I took her to one of her favorite Italian restaurants in LaGrange, Marconi’s. We split a bottle of merlot and enjoyed catching up with one another while enjoying a wonderful meal. My dad got his usual slice of lasagna and both Matt and my mom got the chicken vesuvio. Wanting to try something new, I did a sauteed chicken with a slab of prosciutto with fresh green beans and carrots. For dessert we split a decadent piece of tiramisu that was light and fluffy and melted in your mouth. Matt even went back for another bite – which was epic since he is not a huge dessert guy.

Naturally the festivities had to continue. So on Saturday afternoon my mom came and picked me up so I could take her shopping. (This whole not driving thing really complicates things when you’re supposed to be treating someone else). Our destinations included Oak Brook and Costco. The weather was beautiful. A perfect sunny crisp fall day. There was definitely no other place I would rather be with my mom on her birthday than shopping.

We hit the usual suspects of Crate and Barrel, Gap, Vera Bradley. The Limited, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic. Armed with our birthday coupons we did very well scooping up deals. My mom scored a free long sleeve top at the Loft and I got a $4 long sleeve top at the Gap. It was fun to pal around with her even though she kept trying to carry all of the shopping bags because of my arm. We had a blast trying on clothes and picking out ridiculous clothing wondering who would ever buy that.

With my parents traveling between Florida and Wisconsin throughout the year, I’ve really come to enjoy the time that I do get to spend with them. Whether it’s shopping with my mom for her birthday or helping my dad out with his computer/organizing the garage to enjoying a meal with them. It’s all good stuff that I look forward to. Mostly because they make laugh but also because they’re still teaching me things in their sly parent ways and I’ll always respect them for that.


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