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Wedding Lessons Learned! November 5, 2012

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One of the greatest things I read in preparation for my recent nuptials was an article interviewing Brides on their big “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that they reflected on after their big day. As they say, hindsight is always 20/20, so I was glad I took a step ahead and attempt to learn from these other brides so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes at my own wedding (September 2, 2012)!

Because my dear friend Karla is planning her big day for next year, and because I found the article so helpful, I thought I would post my own list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that I learned on September 2, 2012.

(1) Do – Sorround yourself with people who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable when you are getting ready. There were a ton of people who wanted to be there while we prepped for the big day, but I really do better with small groups of people who could help me take my mind off of being nervous. This was CRUCIAL in keeping me relaxed and happy while getting ready.

(2) Don’t – be in a rush to remove your veil. I was all prepped to have my dress bustled and my veil removed at the reception, but after reading this piece of advice from a friend, I was so glad that I found a way to bustle my veil and left it on for the first part of our reception. Remember, this is the one day you get to wear a veil and be a bride… enjoy it!

(3) Do – spend the time to go around to all of your guests. I can’t stand when I go to weddings and I don’t get even a measley 30 seconds with the bride and groom. After all, I traveled to the event, bought a present and I consider you to be a good friend. This was a ton of work at our wedding (we had 200 people!) but one of the greatest compliments we received was how wonderful it was that we took the time to speak to everyone, even if for a few minutes. We especially were grateful we gave our guests the time when we saw how generous they were with their gifts!

(4) Don’t – be impatient with your photographer. Mine kept inching me around and telling me to move a little to the right or left and it took FOREVER to take pictures. I was getting so impatient until I remembered that I wanted the pictures to be beautiful – and guess what? They were! It’s totally worth it to let the photographer do their job and just smile and enjoy the moment.

(5) Don’t – be afraid to part from tradition on things that matter to you. For me, the venue was the most important, so I used fake flowers (they looked real, I swear!), printed our own invitations and my aunt helped with the centerpieces and set up of the aisle. For my bouquet, I did a brooch bouquet because I wanted something different and now it’s a keepsake!

(6) Don’t – forget to dance. I was so busy at my wedding that I had no time to eat, let alone get on the dance floor. I made it out there for a few numbers, but on the last slow song, I had several people tell me that they missed a chance to dance with the bride. Don’t be afraid to do a dollar-dance or some sort of event where you can dance with several people and give them your attention. I never did it and I wish I had.

(7) Do – trust your decisions. So many girls I know planning weddings can’t make up their minds because there are so many options and you want the day to be perfect. Once you make a decision about something, be confident that it will work out and be happy with the choices you made. In the end, the day is such a blur, you’re just happy to be a Mrs. to the man you love!

Hope this helps for anyone getting married… I know it was nice to see people’s feedback before I walked down the aisle myself. If anyone else has advice to share, I’d love to hear what you learned after your wedding!


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  1. Kate

    I’m glad you had a relaxed and happy day.


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