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Skimming Along November 6, 2012

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I’ve never been a huge fan of the news.  I would like to be an informed citizen and up to date on the latest issues, but my mood is so easily influenced, something like the nightly news puts me into a funk!  I am pretty sensitive to the things going on around me- good or bad.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be in a funk.  So I’ve never been a news watcher.  Instead I go online to news websites and just look at the top stories.  This is somewhat effective on keeping me ‘in the know’, but not entirely efficient.  Then I heard about The Skimm.   Don’t ask me where.  I was on the internet one day and ran across it {that’s how you find all the best things right?}.  I love the premise: two lovely ladies in New York {one of them from Chicago!} read all the news going on in the world and choose the top items to review and send in a nicely packaged email each and every morning.  The stories are summarized and  complete with links in case I want to read more in depth about a topic.  Their tagline is that they ‘will read and we can skim’.  Get it?

Also did I mention it’s free?  No? Okay well it is and I was definitely in when I realized this.   I signed up thinking if it was annoying I could unsubscribe right away.  It’s been about two weeks and I find myself excited to read my Skimm email every morning.  I feel bad not paying them for the service they provide- making me feel smarter and more engaged in the goings on of the world.  I have to admit that I really never skim it because the voice they use entertains me and still gets me up to speed on what’s going on.  I find myself bringing up current events rather than struggling through the topics others have brought up.  These emails have been especially helpful during the elections.  The Skimms {did I mention that is what they call themselves?} really broke it down for me and covered both sides.  I encourage you to check out The Skimm.  All you have to do is go to this website and enter in your email address.  Tomorrow you’ll have your very first edition of Skimm in your inbox.


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