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Fall Cleaning November 14, 2012

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Our annual swap is coming up in less than three weeks. Which meant it was time to purge my dressers and closets. With Jill in town this weekend, I had the perfect person to help me. Jill is a no-nonsense, why do you still have that if you don’t wear it and no, you don’t need thirty of those. Whereas I’m more of a, but it’s comfy and has sentimental value and I’m sure I can find a time to wear it.

Saturday morning after breakfast we got to work. We laid out a game plan of getting rid of a percentage of all the items. For example, if I had twelve pairs of socks I would try to get rid of two to three pairs. Our first object to tackle was my small closet containing my long sleeve t-shirts. Jill counted out eleven and made me toss three into the donate pile. With that complete we moved on to the basketball shorts and pants drawer. Here I parted two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts. Feeling good we moved onto the larger dresser.

Luckily, I didn’t have a minimum of items to donate this round. It was a simple go through and take out anything that I didn’t like or wear any more. This is also the dresser where Jill picked up two shirts from Banana. I said it was her payment for helping me. Once done with the dressers it was time to buckle down.

My walk-in closet holds one of my pride collections, my t-shirts. Over time I’ve accumulated just a few. Between playing basketball, being in a sorority, working at a park district and now at a university, plus going to concerts and other sporting events, let’s just say I amassed a collection. And by a collection, I mean 68, not counting the t-shirts that are sleepwear. Jill came up with the magic number of 23 to toss. However I was able to find a small loophole. And that was to create a pile of items to take up to the Lake House. But she did give me a limit for that so I wasn’t completely off the hook.

Jill helping me sort out all of my t-shirts

In the end I was able to make my goal of getting rid of 23 shirts, plus 2 more! It was very hard but I’m glad I had Jill there to help me. Plus, it helped to keep in mind that when I move in the fall this is less that I have to pack up. In addition to the fact that it is less closet/drawer space Matt has to worry about finding.

Now I just have to clean out the coat/dress closet in the office…but I think I can take a break for awhile before tackling that project!


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