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No More Splint November 21, 2012

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No more splint!

Wednesday, November 14th, I had my five week check up at the orthopedic surgeon. The whole week leading up to the appointment I was crossing my fingers for a good outcome. And the only outcome I could envision was one without my splint. The last five weeks have been hard, but I’ve been able to get through them with my amazing support team of family, friends and co-workers. But being completely and utterly honest, I just wanted to be independent again and have my arm back.

To give you an example, since working with my physical therapist, I’ve realized how much my elbow stiffens up in the splint compared to without it. The elbow is a very unforgiving joint. If you leave it in one position, such as bent in a splint, it takes longer for it to stretch out, because it’s not used to “hanging loose”. Unfortunately, it’s been frustrating over the last few weeks making progress only to see it go away once I’m back in the splint. My physical therapist and I both wanted the splint gone!

Finally this past Wednesday, Matt and I walked into the waiting room at Rush Hospital in Oak Park for the verdict. Luckily I was able to have x-rays taken before I was admitted to see the doctor. That definitely helped to save on time. Not more than five minutes later I was called into the room. The doctor came in and told me the fracture was almost completely healed and that I only had to wear the splint for two more weeks at night. The news was absolutely wonderful.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “I can drive!” I was so excited to get back in my car and actually drive myself to point A to point B. Needless to say, the next morning I looked forward to going to work even more because I could drive myself there. The drive was wonderful.

Now my physical therapist and I are building up my weight training slowly but surely. So far I’m up to a whopping two pounds. But I’ll get there. Plus I’m looking at therapy as a way to get into shape for Jill’s wedding. Maybe by December I’ll be rockin’ some seriously toned arms. Who knows! I’m just happy to have back my arm in time for the holidays, and of course Jill’s wedding. Because let’s be honest – an arm splint is not a proper accessory for a wedding.


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