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Making Gingerbread December 5, 2012

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All the gingerbread ready to go!

All the gingerbread ready to go!

Jill asked my last week if I would make the gingerbread for our annual gingerbread house extravaganza. Knowing she is up to her eyeballs in planning and organizing her wedding that is less than a month away, I gladly said yes.

Last weekend Jill sent me her recipe and different house templates. So I got my grocery list together and went shopping. Note: you can usually find the molasses in the syrup aisle, not the baking aisle.

With supplies in hand, I got to work looking at the templates Jill sent. Unfortunately only one of the links had the actual downloadable templates that I could cut out. So thanks to Google I found another two templates. Getting back to my first grade roots, I cut out the templates following the dotted lines.

Next it was time to make the gingerbread. Things were going pretty smooth in the beginning. But as I was adding the flour I noticed that the consistency wasn’t exactly elastic. Knowing this probably wasn’t right, I called Jill right away and described the dry dough to her. Yep, we had a problem. I had to toss the whole batch. Jill recommended reading the tips at the bottom of the recipe. Apparently I need to add less flour and not pack it in to the measuring cup.

Round two went better. I was able to get half a house cut and baked. But I was still running into the problem of the dough drying out. So I decided to cut the batch in half. This worked out perfectly. The dough did not get dry and stayed elastic. I was able to cut and bake the remaining two and half houses in no time.

Making gingerbread was a learning experience. Usually I’m pretty good at following a recipe and not having any problems. Guess I was due for a problem! Although I’m happy to say that I was able to solve the problem thanks to Jill and a little creative thinking. However, I think next year I’m going to ask Jill to take back gingerbread making duties.


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