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Vintage Wonderland December 11, 2012

I was naughty last night!  I went into Homegoods, which for those of you who don’t know, is part of the Marshalls & TJ Maxx family.  I went in to look for one tiny thing for someone else and ended up coming out of there with these for myself:

trio 2I’ve wanted some of these Putz Houses for my Christmas décor for awhile {Who am I to resist glittery things?}.  ‘Putz’ is short for the German word ‘putzen’, which means “to decorate”.  I learned that on The Antique Hare’s website which is an interesting read if you have time.  Even though I was admiring the sparkly houses, I never knew what they were called.  I thought they originated in the 1920’s, but after I did a little more research I found out originally these houses were made by the Pennsylvania Dutch {read: Germans} starting in the 1800’s.  In the 20’s they were mass produced in Japan and sold at dime stores in the US.  They weren’t popular for long because once the war started, more practical style toys became popular.   You can read even more about it in this article I found.

Even though the name of this post has ‘vintage’ in the title, my little houses are not the real thing.  They are reproductions without a doubt.  Perhaps I’ll start collecting the real ones!  Or I was thinking I could try to make my own.  That’s what I was planning on before I found these at such a reasonable price {in case you care to know they were $10 a piece}.  The most important thing is to find a place for these to reside in the apartment before I start planning on more, whether they’re real, fake, or handmade!  For now I’ll give you a close up of each.many 269many 276

many 277


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