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What do I do with all those Christmas cards??? December 14, 2012

This is a question I ask myself every year.  Most of the time, I get them and they sit in a basket on our coffee table.  Every once in a while when someone comes over, they look through the cards and comment on what a beautiful family and adorable friends I have.  But I hate to say it, for the most part after I get them they kind of just collect dust.  So when my friend Krista suggested we find another way to show off our cards this year, I was all about it!  Here’s my new (and much appreciated) Christmas card wreath:

ImageHere’s how you make it (so easy!):

1) Spray paint 50 (or so) clothespins your desired shade of green.  You’ll want to give them a couple of coats, get all those spots on the sides and edges, and make sure you let them dry at least overnight!

Image2) Using wire cutters, clip the curved top off of a wire hanger.  Spend some time curving your wire into a circular shape (this does take some effort to get it into a nice circle, so be patient).

3) Alternately string clothespins and red pony beads onto your circular wire until they go all the way around.

4) Secure the ends together with some hot glue, and wrap twine or ribbon around the connection so it stays secure.

5) Attach a bow and twine or ribbon hanger to the top of your wreath.

6) When you hang it to put your cards on, make sure the clip end of your clothespins are facing the outside of the wreath so you can clip your cards all around.

Enjoy this bit of holiday cheer!


2 Responses to “What do I do with all those Christmas cards???”

  1. Cute Sarbear! That is a great idea 🙂 I need one of those!

  2. Uncharted Says:

    Thanks Brittany! See your pretty face on there?! Now I can see it on your card everyday! 🙂

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