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Christmas Spectacular! December 18, 2012

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My sister and I took my Nana to see The Rockettes on their opening night last Friday!

market times' 073

It was at the Akoo Theater in Rosemont:

market times' 087

Look at the grand entrance!

market times' 066

I haven’t been to the theater or to see The Rockettes before and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I knew there would be singing and dancing so I was pretty sure I would enjoy myself.  Despite our slightly obstructed seats we really enjoyed the show.

market times' 072

Actually after the intermission we sat in some better seats that no one occupied during the first half.  We couldn’t see the back of the stage at all before we moved so we were much happier once we were able to move.  I was excited to see the traditional Toy Soldier routine that I had heard about, but my favorite numbers were when they had tap shoes on.  There’s something about that sound that makes me happy.  At the very end they do a live Nativity scene.  I think that was my Nana’s favorite part, but she also seemed to like the history piece that showed The Rockettes in 1933 when it all began.  I liked the show, but I wasn’t head over heels.  I was glad we went, but I wouldn’t make it a Christmas tradition.   Here’s the three of us after the show:

market times' 086

Oh and if you are interested, my dad found this article in the Chicago Tribune and shared it with me.  Check it out here.


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