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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello January 1, 2013

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Happy New year to all!  Last night Karla and I had quite the party.  We had plenty of food, drink, and people.  I believe at midnight there were a total of 27.  I think that is a record for us!  I had a lot of fun with everyone, but the fun began a bit earlier for me when I did the decorating!  We usually have some streamers or something to liven things up, but this year I put a little more effort into it.

nye 169First thing I did was choose this lovely hat from the party store to be a centerpiece on the fireplace mantel.  I scrounged around and found some gold glitter ornaments we had in the apartment and hung them with black yarn at varying lengths.  Then I took the noise makers I bought, which were also glittery, and taped them to the mirror in a fun pattern.  Later on in the night when the clock struck 12 I tore them down and let people actually use them.

When I was at the store I found some paper fans in the same black, gold, and silver theme as the party hat.  I loved them so much, I immediately came up with a plan to use them.  I found some streamers and bought black and white (they didn’t have gold or silver or else I would have bought those).  Mu idea was to create a table backdrop.  I have seen these all over Pinterest and I am always impressed with how much more festive a party looks with a professional looking table.  After the mantel was finished, I set to work on hanging the streamers every other color and then went back and twisted each one and taped it down (double sided tape worked best).

nye 167

I had to steer clear of the radiator for fear of the paper getting too hot and setting on fire!

Once the streamers were all hung up and twisted, I went back and hung the paper fans.  Do you see the little clocks on two of the fans?  I loved that detail for the New Year holiday!  It took a little work to get them placed just right and hide the tape and string, but I worked at it and finally was happy with how it looked.  Here it is with the table and all our food ready to be eaten:

nye 183

All and all I think everyone had a good time.  I know I did! Even though I like making everything look nice, I really believe it’s more about who you spend it with.  Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2013!

NYE 2013 150


3 Responses to “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello”

  1. cleew Says:

    I was impressed with the mantel decor and its multipurpose use, but the streamers by the table certainly topped it off! Looks great!

  2. ping pang ;) Says:

    Excellent Job Lady! It’s The Little Details That Are Really Impressive! Loved The Clock Fans & Color Scheme

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