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Potted Potter Review January 9, 2013

Over Christmas Kelly and I debated about what we would get each other. Normally we set a amount on presents and buy whatever we think the other person will like. However this year, I volunteered a different option.

Reading my “Things to do in Chicago” email from Chicago Magazine, I saw a line about a new performance in town called, Potted Potter: the Unauthorized Harry Potter Experience: a Parody by Dan and Jeff. The play captures its audience, young and old, by condensing all seven Harry Potter books into one 70 minute comedic performance using only two actors. Intrigued, I forwarded it off to Kelly for her thoughts.

She responded that she would be interested to see the play. However, naturally with both forgot about it. Until I saw a Groupon for orchestra seating tickets for “Potted Potter”. So I called Kelly immediately. We both booked our tickets at the same time. Unfortunately, we booked separate tickets. It’s wasn’t exactly our greatest moment. I tried calling the box office right after we booked, but they were unable to move our seats. Oh well.

We saw the play this past Sunday at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance. We both had never been to this theatre before and found it very unique and modern. Located just off Millenium Park, we entered the building at street level and were told to head down to the third level.


Somehow I managed to pass up the opportunity for Butterbeer, maybe it was the $7 price tag. We headed into a good size theatre that reminded me of the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater but indoor. We found our seats only three rows apart and sat down to enjoy the show. Right before it started, Kelly hailed me down because there were two open seats next to her. Woohoo!


I won’t spoil the show with what happens so you should go see it. The two actors used their creativity to portray over 100 characters, which was no simple task. Plus, how the actors used the stage and the audience was impressive. If it comes back to town I’m totally taking with my mom and any other Harry Potter friends!



One Response to “Potted Potter Review”

  1. Jeyna Grace Says:

    Too bad they dont do world tours.

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