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~28 Aspirations For 2013~ January 15, 2013

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If you’ve been reading for a long time, you know the drill.  Each year I set the number of aspirations that match my age in that year.  Next week I’ll post how I did on my 27 aspirations in 2012.  You’ll notice some similarities from last year which means I still need to work on them.  Enjoy and share any goals you have for yourself this year.

~28 aspirations for 2013~
.1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night
.2. Pack homemade lunches and eat out once every other week
.3. Compile a life list for bigger aspirations
.4. Visit at least two out of town friends
.5. Read at least 1 book per month and document
.6. Try at least 1 new recipe every month
.7. Complete a sewing project
.8. Learn to play 1 piano song beautifully
.9. Write and post a on the blog every week
.10. Attend at least two new churches of a new religion
.11. Complete some type of service every month
.12. Try at least one Acupuncture Session
.13. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before
.14. Regularly practice yoga at least once per week
.15. Start a plan to buy property
.16. Go to a wine class
.17. Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible
.18. Send one handwritten card per week for a year
.19. Go see a play I’ve never seen before
.20. Work to restore my foot to the best it can be
.21. Join a local CSA and visit the farm my produce comes from
.22. Complete at least one craft per month
.23. Take a hot air balloon ride
.24. Learn to use snowshoes
.25. Start a regular practice of meditation
.26. Start the new blog I’ve been planning
.27. Successfully renew my PHR (Professional in Human Resource) Certification
.28. Research and start education in order to receive a Real Estate license


One Response to “~28 Aspirations For 2013~”

  1. cleew Says:

    I will join you for #16 and # 23! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how last years turned out.

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