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A look back at my 2012 Aspirations January 23, 2013

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Here they are for everyone to see.  It’s a tough thing to grade yourself for everyone to see, but I find it motivating and it will make me try harder in 2013.

.1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night 

Always a work in progress for me.  I downloaded a new app called ‘Sleep Cycle.’ It graphs my nightly sleep and ends up motivating me to sleep more since I create a record of it.  Can’t escape the facts!

.2.  Arrive 5 minutes early

I try to accomplish this by lying to myself about what time I have to be somewhere.  Sometimes it works

.3. Start or join a book club  that meets/discusses at least every other month

I was asked to join a book club by some folks who’ve  had one going since high school (I met them in college).  I told them it was part of my goal for the year and would happily join!

.4. Pack homemade lunches and eat out once every other week

I did not track this one, but I think I do a pretty good job of mostly staying in for lunch

.5.  Hire a personal trainer to get motivated on exercising

{1st sample session 2/6/12}
I immediately decided the trainer was giving me negative feedback in order to make sales so this didn’t last past 1 session.  I exercised very regularly until my surgery in April

.6.  Compile a life list for bigger aspirations

I have a few items on the list so far and am collecting more

.7.  Visit at least two out of town friends

{Allie in St. Louis 2/17-19, Katherine in Rockford, MI 8/5-7}

.8.  Read at least 1 book per month and document for myself

I didn’t track these very well, but in all I read 8 books that I can remember:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Game of Thrones by George RR Martin<–Struggled through this one!

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake: A Novel by Aimee Bender

My Seinfeld Year by Fred Stoller

The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain<–Second Favorite

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

MWF Seeks BFF by Rachel Bertsche <–Favorite of the Year

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

.9.  Try at least 1 new recipe every month

So I didn’t track this one very well either.  Let me assure you my tracking is much better this year.  But I thought I’d at least show what I did record:

.Feb.- Banana Bread
.March.- Owl Cupcakes
.May.- Baked mostacholi with spinach, Egg muffins
.June.- Beet Chips
.July.- Coconut Banana Bread, Zucchini Bake, Homemade Lemonade
.Aug.- Pesto Meatballs, Microwave cookie
.Oct.- Spring Rolls

.10. Complete a sewing project

Started that whole swing jacket project, but alas it hasn’t gone past cutting the fabric yet.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew with that one.

.11. Learn to play 1 piano song beautifully

Decided on a song, dug out my old keyboard, and started writing notes on the sheet music

.12. Write and post on the blog every week

{Yay, quite a feat for me}

.13. Attend at least two new churches of a new religion

.14. Complete some type of service every month- this is pitiful which is why its red and not even orange

I didn’t track…I know I sound like a broken record, and I know I didn’t do service every month.  Here are a few I did do:

.May.- Campfire Ball with Children’s Oncology Services and One Step Camp

.Sept.- Montrose Beach with One Brick

.15. Try at least one Acupuncture Session

.16. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before

{St. Louis, MO, Rockford, MI}

.17. Regularly practice yoga at least once per week

.18. Start a long term savings account and start contributing to my Roth

.19. Go to a wine class

.20. Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible

.21. Send one handwritten card per week for a year

.22. Go see a play I’ve never seen before

The Odd Couple also a play with Karla at Concordia I can’t remember the name of {sorry!}

.23. Get the foot surgery I need and have been putting off

{April 19th, 2012}

 .24. Join a local CSA and visit the farm my produce comes from

Grass is Greener Gardens, visited 6/10/12 with my dear friend Lei

.25. Find one craft per month on Pinterest and complete it

.Jan.- None
.Feb.-Paper Heart Wreath
.March.- Diaper Cake
.April.- Braid Bead Necklace
.May.- Tiered potted plant
.June.- Wine basket
.July.- ‘M’ Button Initial
.Aug.- Photo Strip Photo Frame
.Sept.- Glass Block Bank
.Oct.- Ribbon Organizer
.Nov.- Earring Organizer
.Dec.- None

.26. Take a hot air balloon ride

.27.  Learn to use snowshoes

There was no snow!  The one and only time I wished for it and there wasn’t any


4 Responses to “A look back at my 2012 Aspirations”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    I can think of one other book you read in 2012 since it was one I recommended to you: “Room” by Emma Donoghue!

    I keep a book spreadsheet in Google Drive to track this progress (nice since you can edit it at home or at work). It has been really helpful! I created my own rating system so I know which ones to recommend and also keep a “To Read” list for all those ones I want to eventually get to! It’s nice to have it all in one place.

  2. kathleen Says:

    I wanna see this book list!

  3. Uncharted Says:

    Good idea Kate Rose! I had already started a tracker spreadsheet for recipes, volunteer work, projects, and books that I saved to my computer. I just copied it over to Google Drive so I can update it where ever I am! I think its a good idea to also add a ‘To Read’ list and have a place to make notes on books I’ve already read. Do you mind me asking how do you rate your books?

  4. Katie Rose Says:

    I grade on a 4 star system. 4 stars is “excellent, a definite page-turner that is hard to put down”. 3 stars is “enjoyable, looked forward to continue reading”. 2 stars is “fine, but could easily put down and walk away”. 1 star is “horrible, had to force myself to finish” (as I rule, I finish every book I start).

    You will likely need to adjust your scale as you see fit. I have a friend, for instance, who also keeps track of and rates all the books she reads and her 1 star rating is “couldn’t finish”.

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