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Kate’s 2013 Aspirations January 28, 2013

So, I’m a total copycat – but I’ve decided to do 28 aspirations for 2013, just like Kelly. Normally, I always make resolutions and do my best to keep them, but this year I decided to make 28 of them, because let’s face… the more I make, the more likely I am to keep at least some of them… right?

After a big 2012 for me (I changed jobs twice, got married, bought a house and got a dog!), I needed to get back to taking care of myself and doing things that help me to be a better person. So this year I made 28 goals and am excited to announce that I’ve already achieved one of them …and we’re not even in February yet. Take a look and let me know what your aspirations are for this year.

(1) Exercise at least 5 days a week
(2) See an opera – this one is already complete – I saw La Boheme with my best friend, Hollice. Here’s my review: very sad story, awesome set design, fabulous performance, beautiful music.
(3) Visit Sarah in Colorado
(4) Train Oakley (my German Shephard puppy) to be a therapy dog
(5) Visit the Hollice’s family in Madison
(6) Save at least $10K
(7) Read at least 7 books this year
(8) Play the piano at least once per week
(9) Do my own nails
(10)Plant my garden (and flowerboxes)
(11)Renew my PMP Certification
(12)Attend church every other Sunday
(13)Attend yoga every week
(14)Pay off student loans
(15)Purchase all family members bday and xmas gifts on time and deliver them on time!
(16)Do what I say I am going to Do
(17)Travel to a place I’ve never been
(18)Beginning planning for a book I want to write
(19)Be more thoughtful with friends and family – notes, gifts, phone calls
(20)Get Kate Dabkey Shoes up and running again – my website was hacked and it needs to go back up!
(21)Tile the foyer in my house
(22)Update all doctors, service providers to my local area so I don’t have to drive far to see them
(23)Throw away a bag of old stuff every week for a year
(24)Eat at amazing restaurants: Girl and the Goat and Modo in downtown Chicago
(25)Go to a sports event
(26)Earn my Bonuses at Work
(27)Volunteer/Donate for ALS Foundation
(28)Listen more and Talk Less. Ask more Questions. Learn.

Well, let’s see how many I keep. I’ve already been going to yoga, working out and several others. Hopefully I have a successful year!


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