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Adventures in Babysitting January 31, 2013

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Last week Matt and I babysat together for the first time. My dear friends Tom and Kim had tickets to see Book of Mormon and needed a sitter for their daughter Maddie. Maddie is 7 months old and completely adorable. She loves to smile, laugh and climb all over you. But she also will let you know when she’s not a happy camper.

To be honest, it had been about 5-7 years since I had last babysat. And those kids were definitely older than seven months. I don’t think I had babysat an infant in over 10 years! But, to my credit and for the record I did go through a babysitter’s course at the hospital when I was 11 for what it’s worth….

Anyway, here’s a list of what Matt and I learned in our adventures of babysitting Maddie:  

  1. Never disturb a happy baby – if she likes bouncing up and down, just let her bounce up and down and don’t move her!
  2. The tabs on diapers these days go in the back…not the front.
  3. Walking around gently bouncing up and down will calm an unhappy baby.
  4. Infants like crazy things such as spatulas.
  5. Sometimes you just have to let them cry.
  6. Changing a diaper is a lot harder to do when a child is less than in a stellar mood.

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