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Sledding in the Back-Country February 6, 2013

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The snow totals have been quite dismal in Chicago once again. Finally this weekend we got enough that Matt and I could go and play in it. The accumulations weren’t enough for snowshoeing but it was just enough for a hike and a bit of sledding.

I always forget how much “gear” is involved when going out into the snow. Or at least when going out into the snow with Matt. With Radioactive by Imagine Dragons blasting in the house, we got started by organizing our gear. First stop layering. Literally from our heads to toes we were layered. Which I am always thankful for, because it does keep me nice and warm (but not too warm that you’re sweating buckets.) Next stop gathering some snacks, packing a water bottle, sleds and camera.

We went to the same spot that Matt had taken me snowshoeing last year. The day was perfect. Sunny, clear and minimal wind. We trekked along the trail looking for good inclines/declines on the trail that we could sled down. Our first spot was pretty good. We got about one-two runs on it each where we quickly learned a few lessons. When sledding down trails, be ready to use your arms/legs as rudders. They will save you from spinning around, going backwards or from slamming into fallen trees. (Yes, I learned the later the hard way. I’m totally ok though!)

Sledding in the Back Country!

Sledding in the Back Country!

The next spot was better. Matt and I were able to go about 2-3 times. Then a very nice group of 6 people came by with four dogs and walked right through our sledding hill. So it was time to find a new one. The third was definitely the charm. It was probably about 100 yards long with two curves. You couldn’t see the ending point from the starting point and there were no fallen or free standing trees that you could slam into! Woohoo! Unfortunately, there were a few bumps that you had to run over at a fast rate. Needless to say, we probably could have used another 2-3 inches of snow to avoid our butts being sore the next day. But it was totally worth it! We probably went down about 3-4 times.

My poor broken sled

My poor broken sled

Hopefully we get some more snow because I would love to go back sledding. Plus I still need to break in my snowshoes. Fingers crossed we get some more snow!


One Response to “Sledding in the Back-Country”

  1. Hike a Pup Says:

    I am waiting for a snowstorm as I type. I’m with you. The more snow, the better. People think I am crazy but I like hiking in winter better than in the spring and summer. In New Hampshire we battle against mud and black flies in the spring and horseflies, mosquitoes and humidity in the summer. Bundled up, wearing a face mask and stomping along in snowshoes I am happy as a clam.

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