Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

Restaurant Week 2013 February 12, 2013

If I wasn’t friends with Tom & Kim, I wouldn’t be dining at any Restaurant Week restaurants.  But since I am so lucky to be their friend, I actually got to go to two different places!  One weekend we went to Trencherman in Wicker Park for dinner and the next weekend we went to Mexique in Noble Square for brunch.  Here are my thoughts on the experiences:

Trencherman- Saturday February 2nd

I loved this restaurants looks.  It almost didn’t matter to me how good the food was.  From the terrariums when you first walked in, to the black and white floor, to the antiqued mirrors all over the place, and even the gorgeous bathrooms…. I was in love with every detail of their décor.  Oh yeah the food.  That’s probably why you’re reading.  Sorry!  The food was loveable too.  I ordered the Pickle Tots for an appetizer, the Skate Wing (it’s a fish.  Don’t worry I had to ask too), and for dessert I ordered the citrus cake which was divine.  Dave ordered the chocolate dessert and I didn’t like it as much as the citrus cake which says a lot.  This is a place I would go back to and I especially would go back and sit at their bar.  Glad we checked it out!

restaurant week 050

restaurant week 051



Mexique- Sunday February 10th

We headed over to the restaurant in the rain and noticed it wasn’t the nicest neighborhood, but looks as if it’s trying to be revived.  The outside of this place looked modern and sleek.  When we entered that feeling continued.  It’s a smaller sized restaurant, but very clean and I liked the bright colors and updated style.  I was a bit disappointed right off the bat because when looking at the menu, I saw the course I was most looking forward to was not there!  The reason I agreed to attend this brunch was the promised dessert choice of these enchiladas:

Crepes Filled with Chocolate Ganache, Toasted Walnuts, Ancho Chile-Chocolate Fondue, Crème Anglaise Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Don’t these sound divine?  Well Tom mixed it up a bit and emailed me the lunch menu instead of the brunch menu  so the dessert choice was French toast instead.  This was a major let down for me.  Luckily the French Onion and Roasted Poblanos Soup I started with cheered me up and was a welcomed twist on a traditional soup.  And then there was the Huarache de Asada- an oval shaped corn masa infused with bacon and fresh thyme, fried black beans, spinach, flank steak and goat cheese fondue.  Everyone else had the mussels for their started which they all seemed to enjoy the most so overall we liked it.  The food was good, but just not quite up to the place that makes you want to go back.  Perhaps it’s just my sadness about the chocolate enchiladas? Who knows?

Mexique 009

Mexique 013

Mexique 017

Did anyone else enjoy a new place during Restaurant Week?  It’s a great time to try a place you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.  I’m very glad Tom & Kim arrange it for us every year {last year we went to Sepia} and can’t wait to see where we end up going in 2014!


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