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Yes to the Bridesmaid Dress February 13, 2013

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Wedding Update!

This weekend we said yes to the bridesmaid dress! About a month ago, Jill and I planned out when she would visit. So of course we were going to go bridesmaid dress shopping when she came into town. I was so fortunate that three of my other lovely bridesmaids were able to join in on the fun too.

We started off the day at Bella Bianca. Bella is where I purchased my wedding dress. Bridgette, my original sales consultant greeted us at the door. It was great to see her again. Always professional and courtesy she got us started. Jill and Kelly had gotten there earlier and already pulled a few dresses to start. Then I went over and pulled out a few more.

The girls had a good time trying on the different dresses. And then Lei came out in the dress. It was perfect. The dress had all the qualities I was looking for; the right color, shape and fabric. Plus it even had nice movement to it. So everyone else tried it on.

But Bella was only our first stop. We had one more place to go. Happy that we found a strong contender, we headed off to stop number Royal Bridal & Tuxedo. We went through the same routine of pulling dresses and trying them on. But we only spent about 15 minutes there because I kept thinking about the dress at Bella. Nothing could beat it!

So we found the dress. Now we just have to get the dress! But I do have one last fun story to share. Remember how I mentioned that Jill and Kelly had arrived early? Apparently Jill pulled the dress I picked as a choice but Kelly vetoed it. There was an element of the dress that she was hesitant about. But low and behold when she saw it on Lei, she thought maybe it could work. And then she tried it on and liked it too. A great example of how not to judge what’s on the hanger until it’s on you!

It’s some great advice in general to hold on too. Especially when planning a weeding. Thanks Kelly!


One Response to “Yes to the Bridesmaid Dress”

  1. Uncharted Says:

    So what does it look like? Are you going to show us a pic or tell us a color or anything?!

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