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Lift Off! Kennedy Space Center February 27, 2013

Sorry I didn’t post last week folks! Warmer weather and my dad’s 70th birthday called me down to Florida. Florida has many pros – sun, blue skies, beaches, fruity drinks that you can enjoy on the beach…but it does have its cons. And one of those is internet access at my parent’s place. Or should I say, lack thereof.

But have no fear, I won’t let you down this week! Matt and I had a few adventures visiting my parents, but probably the best was our day trip to Cape Canaveral, home to the Kennedy Space Center. We arrived to Orlando the night before our trip. My dad is a retired veteran, allowing us to stay at Shades of Green, the military resort at Disney. The place was beautiful.

After unpacking, we grabbed some margaritas and toured the grounds. Surrounded by a golf course with lots of open land, we seemed to have our own little playground. That playground happened to have two pools, a sauna, tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course, arcade, three restaurants and general store.  Access was readily available to whatever we needed.

In the morning we started off with a fantastic buffet. Fully loaded with all different types of fruit, yogurt, granola, cereal, bread, made to order omelets or eggs and a ton of other tasty food. We stocked up before checking out and making our way to Cape Canaveral.

Stomachs full, we headed out for our hour car ride. Good thing we had a big breakfast because we definitely walked it off around the Kennedy Space Center.  As soon as we got out of the car Matt turned into a little kid. He wanted to see everything and do everything. Naturally, I handed him the map and asked where to first.

Exploration started at the shuttle launch experience. Astronauts actually designed this ride to make you feel like you were experiencing a space shuttle take off. It was very cool. Next we met up with my parents to go on a KSC Tour. The tour took us around the vehicle assembly building (V.A.B.), launch control, launch pad, and to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.  Disappointment came about when we could only go around the V.A.B. and the launch pad. All tours had to stay on the bus. But, Matt and I figured we’ll be back and will take the behind the scene tour!



Luckily the Apollo/Saturn V Center did not disappoint. This is where Matt got the giddiest. Inside the building we encountered one of two Saturn V’s created. The rocket was massive. It was displayed in its different sections, which was even cooler to see how it was pieced together. Besides being amazed by the rocket, there was nifty “treasure” gallery featuring spacesuits and other gear used by the astronauts from the Apollo missions. You can even touch a rock from the moon!


Me under the Saturn V

Next we headed to the IMAX Film to listen to Tom Cruise narrate the “Space Station 3-D” followed by a trip to the gift store. We round out the day with Dippin’ Dots and a walk in the Rocket Garden.  The garden will blow you away. You can get up close to very same Redstone, Atlas and Titan rockets or climb aboard Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules.

Me in a replica of the Apollo CM

Me in a replica of the Apollo CM

We could have easily done two days there. And maybe next time we will!


One Response to “Lift Off! Kennedy Space Center”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I suggest if you’re going to spend more than one day at KSC, you look at an Annual Pass. When we got them, it was only $5 more. And now we’re part of the Commander’s Club!

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