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(17) Travel to a place I’ve never been March 4, 2013

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Well friends, I’ve done it! I’m hard at work setting out to accomplish my list of 28 goals for 2013… and I have one to cross off. If I must confess, I’ve actually crossed a few more off already and I’m sorry I’ve been lacking on the updates. If you must know, I’ve been traveling for work for the past 2 weeks.

So on with the story…. This past week…. I went to fabulous Baltimore, Maryland!

Now before anyone rolls theirs eyes and wonders, “whaaaat? ‘Fabulous’ Baltimore?”, let me explain. I had AN AMAZING TIME in this place and I’m not even just saying that in case my boss reads this.

Let me tell you about Baltimore:

(1) Betsy Ross’ house is there. In case you weren’t aware, she created our American flag. What an inspirational and hard working gal! Also, Francis Scott Key, our national anthem lyric writer is from there too!


(2) It’s actually very temperate weather-wise. It was about 50-60 degrees F in February. Cloudy occasionally, sunny mostly, and one time we got some rain for about 2 hours.

(3) The Inner Harbor has some swank restaurants and places to visit. The city doesn’t have sky scrapers or “yellow ones that don’t stop,” but it has charm, a “waterfront” and some really neat places to eat and have drinks. Just a warning: the city shuts down after midnight.

(4) Apparently, in Maryland, there’s a certain WAY to eat crabs. When our team out there took me out to “get crabs” (I know, ew!), I learned so much:

(a) Lay down “tarp” on table

(b) Acquire and secure bibs

(c) Waitress delivers very large tray of steamed crabs (whole ones)

(d) Feeding frenzy begins

     (i) Turn crab on stomach, lift male body part shaped piece forward

     (ii) Peel off crab back, watch your fingers, you could get cut!

     (iii) Clean out lungs, intestines, gooey disgusting insides

     (iv) Break crab in half

     (v) Peel off legs one at a time and eat meat as it is exposed… delicious, but scarce!

     (vi) Crack claws and eat claw meat… caution: this meat is “sweeter”

     (vii) Lather, rinse, repeat


(5) Baltimore has a ton of history, great people and fun!

It was a wonderful time in Baltimore! I know it sounds weird, but when I wrote that goal on my 2013 list, I was hoping I could say I went to Germany, Japan or Fiji, but sometimes it’s fun to just go somewhere new that you wouldn’t expect. I’m GLAD I went to Baltimore and I definitely would go back. Are there any places you’ve been to that were perhaps, unexpectedly wonderful?


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