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Planning Ahead for Easter March 5, 2013

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Usually even though I wait until Tuesday nights to write my post I at least know what I’m going to write about.  Not so much today.  I think it’s because I usually do something during the past week/weekend worth writing about.  This weekend was shot because I caught some sort of bug and even had to take off work on Friday.  I filled my time with sleeping on the bathroom floor {I really hope I’m not the only one whose ever had to do this} and seasons 2 & 3 of Mad Men.  By the way I really despise Donald Draper- just when I think he is going to change he’s back to his scandalous ways.

I’m holding Easter at my apartment this year so while I was quarantined inside {I seriously didn’t use my car from Thursday night until Sunday}, I started researching some tablescape ideas for March 31st.  Perhaps it was the idea of a snow storm on it’s way that made me want to think Spring.   I suppose I could share some thoughts/ideas with you.  Perhaps you can help me make some decisions?

Bright jars with yarn

Option #1 by Nicole at Making it Lovely

Option #2- Sorry I cannot find a link to this photo!

Option #2- Sorry I cannot find a link to this photo!

Option #3 by The Goodwill Gal

Option #3 by The Goodwill Gal

I think option 1 is most realistic for me to do.  I have a lot of yarn and I could probably scrounge up some glass jars to paint.  Then just buy a few tulips and I’m set.  Option 2 is very elegant, but I don’t have many tall clear vases around and it’s just not as fun…maybe a bit too fancy for our crowd?  Option 3 is unexpected.  I like the simplicity and that the grass brings a sense of life to the table.  I can tell I’m going to have a hard time deciding.  If you have an opinion please share and I’ll make sure to post what I end up going with.


4 Responses to “Planning Ahead for Easter”

  1. cassie Says:

    They are all very cute! Option one is my least favorite of the three, I don’t like the yellow jar, and i think it seems more fitting for a younger crowd. I like the second option, as it seems so simple and truly elegant, as you said. However, I completely understand if it isn’t the most suitable option for the event. The third option is my favorite! I love the painted light blue tin cans with the lilies of the valley. When you think about Easter you often think bunnies, chocolate, eggs, and spring. Option three really incorporates all the elements well.

  2. Kaen Bonse Says:

    I like #2 but might use colored marbles but makes it more Easter, pastels. Does this mean you aren’t coming to brunch?

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