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Mini Me March 6, 2013

Because of the wedding Matt and I are on a budget. So for Valentine’s Day we set a $15 present limit. My present to Matt was a well executed inside joke. Matt however, got very creative and found the website Foldable.Me.

He ordered two mini me’s. One of him and one of me. I think he did a pretty good job. What do you think? Here’s what the mini me’s look like when you first get them.


Our Foldable’s!

This weekend we finally put them together. Sitting down at the dining room table we got to work and were done in no time. The foldables don’t need any glue or scissors. They come with a perforated edge that make’s it simple to punch out the pieces. The pieces also come ready with scored edges to help you fit the pieces together.


Almost done!

And here is the final product. I definitely think they turned out great. Maybe a potential wedding cake topper? Who knows! If you’re looking for a creative gift, I’d recommend Foldable.Me!


The final product!


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