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Getting Fresh March 9, 2013

When we first moved to Denver, it was a bit of a struggle to incorporate my stuff and Jonathan’s stuff.  Jonathan has good taste don’t get me wrong, but his stuff was all brown and traditional, and my stuff was more feminine, black and white, and modern.  I like both styles.  I often have a hard time when I’m perusing Pinterest for future home ideas because I can’t always decide what I’ll want some day!  I’m a lucky girl in the fact that he didn’t make me forgo my love for Audrey Hepburn and my old bedroom, and I got to incorporate that stuff into our guest room/office.  My girl friends love it, and the guys who stay with us don’t really care because, hey!  They get a free place to stay!

One of the home decor items that had become a bit of a joke was this picture of a bunch of bears on a sailboat.  It was Jonathan’s since he was a little kid.  When we were moving stuff out of his storage unit, he said he wanted to get rid of it, but somehow in the hubbub of the move…it still ended up in the moving truck.  So when we unpacked we had a good laugh about how he wasn’t meant to ‘shake the bears.’  When Jonathan was at work one day, I snuck the bears up on the bathroom wall as a joke because I had nothing else to put there!  Plus the towels I had bought were blue and brown, so I thought it was a well-coordinated joke at the very least.


The bears stayed up MUCH longer than intended.  Here we are, almost two years later, and they were still there.  Oops!  We have gotten teased by several friends for them, and I finally found a suitable replacement!  On one of my Pinterest cruises, I found a ‘so fresh and so clean clean’ poster that I fell in love with.  It’s the perfect bathroom decor for 20-somethings who are not quite ready to adopt a completely mature attitude.  It’s totally bathroom appropriate while being a touch funky.  Not everyone needs to know what it means, because it does make sense in our bathroom, but we can get a little Outkast throwback fun on a daily basis.  If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for 2001, click here for some Outkast refreshment.

The Pinterest link I found required me to purchase the document, but I figured I could create it on my own on Microsoft Word using blues that would fit our bathroom wall and towel colors.  If you’re interested in having it too, this is the PDF file.  Or if you want to change the colors to your own, here’s the Word file so you can manipulate it.  I framed ours in Ikea’s Ribba frame, which you can purchase for $9.99 in stores or online.  So all in all, the new art cost us a measly $10.24.  Not bad, and now we can get fresh and clean on a daily basis.



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  1. […] Fast forward to now.  I have been trying to decorate my apartment since I’ve moved in a month ago and I am almost complete with the smallest room in my apartment…the bathroom!  I think it was the easiest to do because it’s so small and therefore less daunting for me.  The wall next to my sink had an empty hook and I decided I needed to have some art hanging in there.  But what to put up?  Right away I remembered the painted words on glass from the craft fair.  The phrase ‘So Fresh & So Clean’ seemed appropriate for a bathroom.  I Googled where the phrase came from because I really wasn’t sure why I knew it and its from an Outkast song.  Check out the video here.  I’m pretty sure Sarah did a post on a very similar phrase for her bathroom earlier this year too…yep check that out here. […]

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