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Going to the Big Dance March 13, 2013

My favorite time of the year is approaching…March Madness. Even as I type, I’m nervously watching my alma mater, Valparaiso University,  battle for the Horizon League Championship. Good thing I’m writing the day before so I have some time to review for any typo’s or special character inserts.

Last year Matt and I were able to go to the Horizon League Championship. Unfortunately this year we have to watch it via a couch and ESPN. There is something special about being at a live game.The intensity of everyone in the gym radiates off the walls. You can’t help but get excited or emotional over each and every play. High-fiving the person next to you or holding their hand for a miracle free-throw. Plus you know, we have to help the refs out, even if we’re sitting in the nosebleeds.

Strangely this same effect happens even when I’m waiting a game from the couch. Coincidence? Probably not since I’m a huge sports fan. I’m simply staying true to who I am no matter where I am. All through the Valpo game I was cheering, clapping and shouting words of encouragement. And of course, coaching. Because you know, just like the refs can hear me so can the players just as if I were standing court-side.

But what really helped make it feel like I was at the ARC was constantly updating my Twitter feed. It was awesome to see my college friends posting similar tweets. It was like getting virtual high-fives as comments rolled in. We were all rooting for a VU win from all over the country and world. And with every hashtag we wrote as the minutes decreased we only wanted it more and more.

Luckily Valpo pulled out a win. It wasn’t an easy win as they did give me a few scares. I definitely needed an hour to “cool down” after the game and make sure my heart rate was back to normal. The day after the game, it’s been fun to watch fellow alumni change their pictures/backgrounds on social media sites to further show support of Valpo. I think it’s so cool to watch! Plus it’s a great way to show the team how proud the alumni are of their achievement. These boys have worked very hard over the last four years. And now they need to get their dancing shoes ready. I’m only a little excited.

But nonetheless, I’m curious about what our readers think about college basketball. Who are you rooting for? Does your college alma mater have any special traditions during March Madness? Share your comments below!

And of course, go VU!



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