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March Maddness March 20, 2013

Ok folks, are your brackets field out? The big dance starts tomorrow and I cannot wait. And yes, I have all my brackets filled out. Yes, bracket(s) plural. Personally, I’m using ESPN and CBS for the different pools I’m in. Don’t worry, none of the pools are for money. Just bragging rights and well one dinner.

If I had to recommend a site to use for managing your brackets, it would be ESPN. The tipping point is ESPN’s mobile bracket app, “Bracket Bound”. It nicely and conveniently syncs up all of your ESPN account information. This allows me to follow my “favorite”d teams like Duke, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina and of course Valparaiso in one easy spot. Don’t judge my teams too harshly. Yes, I follow both Duke and North Carolina. Why, you might ask? It’s because of the team’s coaches. My favorite teams are led by my favorite coaches. And it’s good to have a few favorites. It happens when you’re a coach. Plus I love watching each to learn valuable coaching tips, special designed plays, and of course gestures. Don’t worry, I have yet to throw any chairs at my kids. 😉

But getting back to the topic at hand, the Bracket Bound application…it features all of my brackets that I have created with ESPN. I can easily click on one bracket or another to see how I’m fairing.  One of my favorite feature is the real-time updates and live coverage. Being able to watch games on the go is perfect for me, a person on the go all the time!

The only negative item I’ve encountered is when you on accident make a bracket that you don’t need. The delete option doesn’t seem to be readily available  I’ve just held on to the empty bracket, but I know folks who have completely deleted their account and started a new one because they couldn’t figure it out.  If anyone figures it out, let me know!

So who do you have picked to win it all? Or at least go to the final four? Only time will tell! Oh, and go Valpo! 🙂


NCAA Bracket 2013

NCAA Bracket 2013


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