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A little bit of Sunshine March 25, 2013

I have recently become an avid Better Homes and Gardens reader (yes, I subscribed and I’m addicted) and have been dying to try out some of the ideas I’ve been reading about in our home (and garden, if Spring ever decides to show up). This past weekend, I decided to try one of their ideas to brighten up my living room space.

Before I get into what I did, let me first describe our living room. It has a three huge east facing windows, which is great in the morning… but there are ZERO lights in the ceiling of the room. As a result, we have lamps in every corner to try and lighten the space at night. Likewise, because I’m boring and let’s face it, sort of afraid of color, our décor is all very neutral. Gray walls, white shelves, brown furniture with a blue accent color in the rug and on pillows. Don’t get me wrong, the room looks fine, but it was starting to feel a little drab. That’s when I saw the idea in Better Homes and Gardens, got the go-ahead from the husband and set to work!

The idea was simple: Paint the back side of the white shelves a very bright lemon yellow. I loved this idea because not only did it add yellow (my favorite color!) to our space, but it was so happy and bright, yet somewhat subtle in how it was being used that I figured it would be perfect. And as a bonus, we’d get to purchase a few more pieces of décor in bright yellow so that it’d all tie in together.



The painting was easy – we used Behr Paint and Primer in one in the color “Neon Light” (I’ve learned from all the painting we’ve been doing that it is totally worth it to splurge on the good paint so you get better coverage. This is especially true with bright colors and even more so for REDS). The guy at Home Depot suggested 3-4 coats for my bright yellow, but I actually got away with only 1.

I wish I had a before picture (you can kind of see the space in my last entry about Oakley), but unfortunately I don’t have a good one before I started the project. So what do you all think??




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