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March Wedding Update March 27, 2013

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I figured it’s been a while, so I might as well give you readers a wedding update. Last time I posted about the wedding I was informing everyone that we found the bridesmaid dress. Woohoo! Well since then here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Asked our ring bearers (yes that’s plural because there will be three)
  • Asked our flower girls (again plural – but only two in this case)
  • Figured out 93% of our invitations
    • Paper – check, well almost, minus actually buying the matting paper
    • Design for inserts – check
    • Self inking address stamp – check (genius!)
    • Calligrapher…still need to book
    • Need a decision on a belly-band or sticker – any thoughts for what should close the pocketfold? I’m open to suggestions!
  • Started work on the centerpieces. I can’t take much credit on this one, Matt’s doing a wonderful job working on prototypes!
  • Started to register. We took one of my best friend’s moms to a wedding registry event at Crate and Barrel. She works for the company and was ever so helpful with suggestions for Matt and I. I think we would have been very overwhelmed without her guidance! Now only REI and Amazon to go!
  • Met with our jeweler, one of dear friends, to get an idea for wedding jewelry – we’ve got some fun ideas planned!
  • Met with our amazing friend who will be doing a special screen print for our guest book. Here are the colors we picked out – the very bottom dark blue and the rich brown.ering

    Our colors for the guest book

    It’s going to be sooo cool, I can’t wait! I love having cool, talented friends. They come in so handy with situations like weddings.

  • Went suit shopping for the guys and found two great options. Now they just have to decide!
  • Received a donation of vases to use at our wedding – thanks Jill! It also helps to have friends who just got married 🙂 They have lots of good resources and leftovers!


    Free vases! Just need a little cleaning!

As you can see, things are moving along nicely. There is still so much to look forward too. I get excited just thinking about it! Stay tuned for the next update.


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