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Map Flowers for an Adventure Loving Couple April 8, 2013

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I’ve known my best friend Hollice since I was 5. She’s one of the coolest,  most laid-back and adventure loving gals that I know. In fact, after we graduated college, we took 2 months to backpack through Europe together, with no major plans other than to see new places and enjoy what each had to offer.

Hollice got engaged in November last year and has been planning her wedding diligently. Her wedding is set for New Year’s Eve in 2013. Why am I telling you all of this, you might ask? Well, this past weekend, as her matron of honor, I hosted Hollice to my home so we could create paper flowers made from maps for her wedding bouquets.

Now I’m not certain what gave Hollice this idea or where she found the steps (if I could venture a guess though, it’d be pinterest), but Hollice sent me some pics of the flowers and asked for my help. So of course I said, “Will there be champagne?”


Items you need for the project:

Hot Glue Gun



Something small and round like a toothpick or a pen (we used a screwdriver)


Step 1: Cut out petals of various sizes and shapes (no need to be exact, whew!) The general plan is to have about 6 of each size and 3 different sizes


Step 2: Using one of the smaller petals, roll it around your “something round” so it is pretty tight. Remove your round object and secure the rolled petal with hot glue.

Step 3: Using your something round, roll the tops of your petals to give them a little bit of a curl. (see pic below)

Step 3: Start with your smaller petals and begin hot glue-ing them to your center, gradually working to larger pieces.



VOILA! Map Roses!


Now, the next steps are yet to be determined on our project, because we’re not sure yet the best way to secure these beautiful flowers into a bouquet. We’re currently playing with two options:

(1) Secure a toothpick to the bottom of these flowers and insert them into a Styrofoam ball

(2) Use a wooden kabob stick, wrap it in a map for a stem and bunch them together as if they had stems

I’ll keep you posted on what we decide!


If anyone has any ideas on how to take our beautiful flowers and make them into a secure and full looking bouquet… let me know! We’re open to ideas.



2 Responses to “Map Flowers for an Adventure Loving Couple”

  1. Jill Says:

    I made map flowers for my wedding last December, Karla has her bouquet if you’d like to see how I put them in a bouquet. You’d have to backtrack a bit to do what I did though, because I glued them together onto floral wire. I’m not sure if you have space within the flower to put the wire up into it after the fact, but you could try.

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