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Out and About in Naperville April 17, 2013

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In high school, Naperville was the cool place to go. Probably because we had just gotten our driver’s licenses and our parents wouldn’t let us go into the city.  Fast forward a decade later and Naperville is still cool.

Friday night Matt and I met up with two of his good college friends for a night out. We started at Q BBQ for dinner. Q’s is a favorite of ours in LaGrange and we’ve both been wanting to try out the Naperville location. The food was just as great. And apparently we weren’t the only ones who knew about Q’s. When we walked up, the line was literally out the door. Luckily the Naperville location is at least twice the size of the original in LaGrange. So, we held our ground and waited for about ten minutes in line. It wasn’t so bad and they even gave out free hush-puppies. How can you go wrong with that? Also, for the record I enjoyed the sliders, featuring smoked turkey, pulled chicken and the chopped brisket….can you tell I had a hard time decided what I wanted to get?

Going through our tasting

Going through our tasting

After dinner we ventured over to Solemn Oath Brewery. How anyone can find the place is a mystery. I think even Google Maps is confused. Luckily, Matt had been there before and easily directed us to a nondescript manufacturing area. The brewery is simple and modern. By simple I mean, there is only a bar and you can only get beer on tap. Last call is at 9p.m. and there is a three serving limit. Oh, and be ready to stand because there isn’t a lot of room around the bar. Other fun quirks include they don’t take cash and no tips. However, you can buy a beer for the bartender if you like their service. It’s modern because it’s in a warehouse with plain overhead lights and exposed metal. The place is very unique, fun and has great beer. Matt and I split a sampling and both found favorites. We both liked E-Ville, an American brown ale, no surprise there. But my favorite was the Oxford Comma, a spiced Belgium blonde ale and Matt’s was the Snaggletooth Bandana, an American IPA.

So it looks like I’ll probably be back to Naperville again. With a night full of BBQ and beer, it’ll definitely require repeats.


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