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Celebrating a Royal Bacheloress April 28, 2013

Last weekend was my friend Audrey’s “Royal Bacheloress” celebration in Chicago.  I’m the maid of honor in Audrey’s wedding this summer in LA, so I was charged with planning the shower and bachelorette party.  I’m a theme girl.  I like parties to have them, because I think it gives the party-throwers some direction, and is more fun for guests.  My theme for the weekend started blossoming when Audrey posted this picture because she thought it was funny (it was posted with the line “haha, OMG, Sarah!”), but I couldn’t help but latch on!


Audrey is a kid at heart.  She loves Disney Land, adores Disney movies, and holds a special place in her heart for Disney princesses.  When I saw this theme, I knew it would be perfect!  We were throwing a friends’ shower and a bachelorette party, so I thought the theme would be fun for both events.  Here’s what I came up with for the weekend…

ImageInvitations can be pricey when you order them online.  So instead of having them made, I purchased cardstock in pretty pastels, found some fun ‘royal’ graphics on Google images, and made my own.  I tried to amp up the royalty by dipping borders in fine pink glitter and using fun border punches.

ImageBecause I was traveling from Denver to Chicago to throw the party, I needed to work with decorations that could travel flat with me in my suitcase.  I settled on pretty tissue paper pom poms in various sizes that could be ‘poofed’ upon arrival and hung in cute bunches around the room and above the present and food tables.  I also found these adorable crown candy dishes at Michael’s, and followed Pinterest-found directions to make glitter-dipped vases and bowls.

ImageWe kept it simple for the shower luncheon.  That way the girls who attended could nibble and graze as they pleased.  To stay with our royal theme, I went in a high tea sort of food direction.  We had mini chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches (like finger sandwiches), fruit, veggies, a few other small appetizers, and tea cookies.  I found these perfect crown and shoe cookie cutters, and followed a simple sugar cookie recipe with royal icing to decorate these cuties.  Then I did some other fun things with pastel candies and gummy frogs around the room.  Feel free to borrow my printable if you want to recreate the ‘kiss a few frogs’ candy dish (this printable has all of the pieces for the candy dish, shower food labels, and the bachelorette party game you’ll see later in this post).

ImageSome of our shower games were royal, and others were just fun.  Normally I think shower games can be a bit uncomfortable for the bride, so I didn’t want to include too many where she would be the center of attention.  One of the other maids said she had just been at a shower where they played the ‘soon to be newlyweds’ game.  So before hand, I mailed the groom a list of questions that he answered and recorded, and at the shower we saw if the bride and groom’s answers matched!  I also found this adorable carriage at Hobby Lobby and had everyone write their wish for the bride and groom’s ‘happily ever after’ on a piece of colored cardstock to put in the carriage.  The game not pictured was helping them write their vows, which the girls got a kick out of!  You can see my printables for AudreyJason’s vows for ideas.  We passed each page around on a clipboard and read the completed vows once they had made it around the room.  If you do this one, be prepared for some laughs!

ImageOur bachelorette party games were also Pinterest-found!  I love the idea floating around right now of guessing who gave the bride which panties.  We also did an“Alcoholic Drinks A to Z”contest, and made a ‘kisses for the bride’ memento poster before heading out for the evening.

Overall, I’d say the whole weekend was a ‘royal’ success!  Cheers to the royal bacheloress!

ImageThis glass came from Lindsay Huckabee on Etsy, who does great etched glass work for a very reasonable price!  I had to get the royal bacheloress a goblet adorned with her favorite Disney princess on it for her drinks that weekend.



2 Responses to “Celebrating a Royal Bacheloress”

  1. Stephanie K. Says:

    You, my friend, are an awesome party-thrower! 🙂 How CUTE! Hope you (and everyone else) had tons of fun!

  2. Uncharted Says:

    Thanks Stephanie! We all had a great time 🙂 and I think (most importantly) the bride to be had a great last night out as a single lady!

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